Get Fit – Save Money

While watching some of the healthcare debate stuff on the news, I started thinking about:

  1. How the U.S. could save healthcare dollars by spending more on disease prevention / health promotion
  2. How Canadians pay less for pharmaceuticals thanks to public health care

All this deep thinking happened while I was shopping for fish oils, etc at my favorite health food store.

It got me thinking, what if all of the customers in the store got together, pooled all of their purchases and asked for a volume discount?

What would happen?

As individuals, we don’t have the leverage needed to get better prices.

But, what if thousands of us joined together as a group (perhaps an online group) and demanded better prices for our:

  • Nutritional supplements – vitamins, etc…
  • Health club memberships
  • Workout equipment
  • Workout clothes
  • Personal training sessions

Would we get a better price?


So, as a little experiment, I have set up a little beta test.

Using a facebook Group, I am asking all of my readers who live in the Greater Toronto Area to join the Health & Fitness Buying Group – Toronto

The more people the better. That way I can pressure retailers to offer bigger & better discounts.

(if this test works, I will expand the group / set up new groups to service other areas or possibley even just set up 1 big group)