Essential Workout Gear: The Gymboss Interval Timer

I love interval training….absolutely love it.

There is something magical about the HIIT, HIRT and Tabata workouts that I inflict upon my clients.

As the clock counts down, they move quicker, lift heavier and recover faster.

Whether it’s bike sprints…or bodyweight squats…or Thrusters…interval training is a powerful tool for burning fat and getting really, really fit, really, really fast.


How to Get Started with Interval Training

Step One:  Buy a Gymboss Interval Timer

Seriously, you’ll thank me.

  • No more watching the clock out of the corner of your eye or screaming at your workout buddy for not paying attention.
  • No more dropiing your smartphone on the hard gym floor.

Spend the 20 bucks. Buy a Gymboss interval timer. Clip it to your shorts. It will beep & vibrate to let you know when to start & stop.

Simple. Effective. Buy the damn timer.

Step Two: Do one of the HIIT/HIRT/Tabata workouts listed below

Step Three: Start sweating

That’s it