Paddy's Paleo Beef Stew

Yet another beef stew!

Next week is St. Paddy’s Day so all week on my site I’ve been featuring a bunch of healthy Irish recipes. Continuing on with my Irish recipe round up…..Yep, it’s another Irish beef stew. I can’t help it–it’s in my DNA!
You’re probably familiar with my Beef & Guinness version and you may remember I made an Autumn Stew this past year. What’s the difference besides the obvious use of Guinness? Subtle differences like using more types of root veg, pearl onions and no potatoes in the stew itself (making it a perfect St. Paddy’s Paleo dish) are the main differences, which goes to show that you can take the same idea and make it different and seasonal.

Beef Stew Mise en Place

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  1. Hey Jo Ann, I’m still learning about the diet. I made note of it in the recipe. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I’ve been replacing wheat flour with almond (and other nut) flour.

    I’m going to try it with this recipe later this week

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