"Healthy" Food Makes You Hungrier

According to a pair of new studies, when “normal” people eat “healthy” food…. they get hungrier.

And what do they get hungry for?

More “healthy” food?


They don’t want healthy… they want something tasty…something sweet, something greasy and crunchy and salty and…… damn, now I’m getting hungry.

But wait, this study doesn’t apply to me.

It only applies to “normal” people.

In the second study, people who identify themselves as being concerned about their health & bodyweight (like me) didn’t experience those same “post-health food” hunger pangs.

They were satisfied with the “healthy” food.


So, what’s the difference?

The difference is that people who identify themselves as “healthy” receive mental/emotional satisfaction from taking “healthy” actions – eating healthy foods, exercising, etc.

Conversely, “normal” people who don’t identify themselves as someone who eats for their health just don’t get that emotional/mental satisfaction.

And that lack of emotional/mental satisfaction manifests itself as a hunger for junk food.

And, to make things worse, when they eat the junk food, they actually strengthen that internal picture of themselves as someone who eats “junk” food instead of “healthy” food.


It’s a real chicken/egg dilemma.



There is no point in eating rice cakes and tofu if you hate eating tofu and rice cakes.

At some point, your dissatisfied brain will drive you towards that pint of Ben & Jerrys.


You have to get your mind onside before you will be able to  any sort of lasting change.


But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it.