Insomnia = Obesity

According to a new study, just a single bad night’s sleep will make you hungry and cause you to overeat.

The Study

  • 12 men were placed in one of two groups
  • Group #1 was allowed to get 8 hours of sleep (midnight to 8:00 am) while
  • Group #2 was limited to 4 hours of sack time (2:00 am to 6:00 am)

The following day, researchers measured:

  • Food consumption (participants were allowed to eat as much as they wanted of the following foods – jam on buttered toast for breakfast, buffet for lunch, and a free menu for dinner)
  • Physical activity
  • Feelings of hunger
  • Perceived pleasantness of food
  • Desire to eat some foods (cravings)
  • Sleepiness

The Results

The 4-hour group…

  • Consumed between 560-617 more calories than the 8-hour group
  • Was hungrier than the 8-hour group.
  • Had higher levels of ghrelin
  • Had lower levels of leptin

And that’s after just one night of sleep deprivation.

What’s going to happen after one month..or one year?


Turn off the tv and go to bed already.


  1. just got back from my Sunday morning 40 minute Aussie walk. TV was off all last night. feeling great! slept like a baby…

  2. I keep finding so many articles about the importance of sleep and how insomnia affects eating patterns. I liked being able to see the results of what a bad night’s sleep can do to you. This helps me see how this can relate to college students and the freshman fifteen. I know as a college freshman I never went to bed before midnight and on most occasions was up till 2 or 3am. I know this took a toll on my body and although I was on a sports team and did not gain the freshman fifteen, it now shows me a good reason why many college students do gain the freshman fifteen. They aren’t used to staying up so late and therefore being hungrier the next day and also just snacking later at night doesn’t help. I hope that the importance of sleep continues to be encouraged in the health classes of young children so that it can become a habit at a young age.

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