Obesity Deathmatch: Jamie Oliver v.s. the Colonel

In a recent episode of South Park, Eric Cartman is faced with his worst nightmare….the public banning of all KFC restaurants in the State of Colorado.

And according to the Colonel, Cartman can thank British celeb-chef Jamie Oliver for this assault on the Mecca of Chicken Fat.

It’s an all out war between the Colonel and Jamie Oliver.

But now, the Colonel has Eric Cartman on his side….and things don’t look good for Jamie Oliver and his Food-Revolution Alliance.

And they only get worse for Oliver as Cartman joins forces with the Colonel and becomes a Scarface-esque KFC dealer….supplying Coloradoans with their daily fix of popcorn chicken, biscuits & gravy.


By the end of the show,

  • Chef Oliver has been defeated,
  • his bylaws overturned
  • and KFC restaurants have been re-branded as Medicinal Fried Chickens
  • due to the discovery that fried chicken is a cure for cancer.


And everyone lives happily ever after…except that they’re all grossly overweight and suffering from type 2 diabetes.





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  1. This is my new favorite Health Habits post. Cartman is always able to rally the masses for his cause. Remember the time he led the South to victory over the North in a Civil War reenactment by feeding everyone a steady supply of Smore Schnapps? Good times.

  2. Southpark is quite funny but some of the scenes maybe a bit too morbid even for adults.::,

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