Sugar doesn't cause obesity…

…according to Andrew Briscoe, the president and chief executive of the Sugar Association Inc., in an interview with Reuters.

Mr. Briscoe feels that “sugar is being unfairly blamed for obesity problems in the United States at a time when per capita consumption of sweeteners has declined over the past decade.”

“Sugar is not part of the problem,” he said.

And with that statement, we have apparently entered the portion of the interview where Mr. Sugar starts looking for Mr. Scapegoat.

Luckily for Mr. Sugar, he always has Mr. High Fructose Corn Syrup hanging around.

  • Did you know that less than 5 percent of all U.S. sugar deliveries go to the beverage industry?
  • And did you know that the consumption of HFCS in 2008 stood at more than 5.0 million metric tons in 2008
  • That’s nearly 15 times more HFCS than sugar used in beverages

So, there you go.

  • Obesity isn’t caused by sugar
  • Obesity is caused by HFCS
  • Sugar is completely innocent
  • Sugar is good for you
  • Keep buying lots and lots of sugar
  • and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain


  1. Except that in New Zealand we do use sugar in our beverages, and we don’t use high fructose corn syrup, yet still have the same obesity problems.

  2. of course you know, that fructose is a sugar. so, high fructose corn syrup actually is sugar.

  3. I think sugar is bad, however I think HFCS is worse. I am a soda fanatic, or was until I started my insane diet and weight loss program. When I would drink real sugar based soda with meals, I got fuller faster. Granted maybe I didn’t always listen to the fullness response but I could tell a huge difference compared to when I had HFCS beverages. I would say the difference was easily 25% or greater in terms of quantity eaten before fullness was felt. This doesn’t give sugar a pass, its still bad for you when eaten too frequently or in large a portion, but IMHO if you must have sugar real sugar is better then HFCS.

  4. Even if the sugar fool was correct, just because something doesn’t cause obesity doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Sugar has been linked with ADHD, depression, digestive disorders, memory loss, fatigue, stress, and a battery of other bodily dysfunction. Saying it’s fine in small amounts is a handy trick to make sugar look less evil, but then you realize sugar is in every processed food we eat, not just sweets– soy sauce, pasta sauce, bread, frozen fruits, canned foods, many varities of processed, low quality cheese, some types of half and half, pastas…. It’s secretly dilating our pupils with every processed bite. Even the word moderation in this case kills me. I had to just get rid of it and eat clean

  5. The #1 thing I tell my clients is to limit, reduce or better yet avoid sugar. Sugar wrecks havoc on your body’s hormonal system. It will spike your blood sugar levels leading to the release of excess levels of insulin to remove it from the blood stream. When insulin is released in large amounts, your body turns into a fat storing system. Stay away!

  6. Hmmm … table sugar is about a 50%/50% mix of fructose and sucrose. HFCS is variable, but the kind used in sodas in the US is about 55% fructose.

    Oh yeah, that’s the difference! That extra 5%!


  7. […] the visceral lust some people have for their favorite food(s).Whether their desire is for something sweet or savory, a lot of my clients come to me with an appetite that is completely out of control. And […]

  8. Sugar, HFCS, artificial sweeteners…they’re all responsible for the high prevalence of obesity and diabetes.

    Also, HFCS comes in different blends, it doesn’t have to be 55% fructose, some blends are as high as 92% fructose. Other additives like crystalline fructose have upwards of 98% pure fructose. Stuff kills the liver.

    Limiting sugar is so key to staying lean, as well as using artificial sweeteners in moderation.

  9. I have recently modified my diet and part of the modification was cutting sugar out, but I still use Truvia. I have gotten great results, but I don’t know that it is solely because of cutting out sugar.

  10. Taylor, I’d bet you it’s played a really large role.

    Sugar increases hunger levels, has no nutritional value, and causes the body to store excess body fat (by spiking blood sugar levels, which creates an insulin response). Cutting it out is only beneficial.

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