Coca-Cola & McDonalds Are Afraid of You

For the past few years, North American obesity & fitness geeks have been preaching about the dangers of childhood obesity.

At first, we were ignored…then laughed at….then threatened with lawsuits….

Today, we see:

  • the First Lady adopting childhood obesity as her personal crusade
  • celebrity chef Jamie Oliver taking on the USDA & America’s school system in an attempt to reverse childhood obesity
  • daily media coverage of the latest obesity horror story

The tide may finally turning

And as a result, mega corporations like Coca-Cola & McDonalds are scared to death that America’s parents are going to punish them for their part in the fattening of America’s children.

Hence the following menu changes & advertising campaigns:

Note: It’s probably just an oversight, but this commercial failed to mention that parents groups have been pressuring the soft drink industry & school boards for years about the pop machines in schools.

But, I guess that there’s nothing like a mob of angry parents to get an entire multi-billion dollar industry to stop selling their product directly to children

And it’s not just the soft drink industry.

Dairy Queen has their Mini Blizzard that is roughly half the size of the previous smallest size.

According to DQ reps, “The size and price (between $1.99 and $2.49) really appeal to many consumers and in fact create a very strong perceived value for the new Mini.”

The next thing you know, Ronald McDonald will be out of a job and KFC will be serving tofu-chicken stir-frys


  1. It’s about time this issue is getting the attention it deserves. Jamie Oliver’s show is eye opening. Check it out Fridays on ABC.

  2. So far this looks like a Canada only thing. Wonder when they will start selling them in the United States.

  3. […] the issues. On the other hand, the heavy media attention can incite fear in many companies, who abhor negative publicity drawn to the ingredients of their […]

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