Growth Hormone Builds Better Sprinters

There are 2 main reasons professional athletes love Human Growth Hormone.

  1. Detection requires a blood test and most professional sports leagues do not require mandatory blood testing of their athletes. Ergo, they can use HGH without fear of a positive drug test.
  2. It works.

According to this study, even a low dose of human growth hormone (HGH) was able to significantly improve the sprint capacity in healthy recreational athletes.

The effect was even more pronounced in those athletes who were given a combination of HGH and testosterone.

“We found the enhancement in sprint capacity would correlate to a 0.4 second improvement over 10 seconds in a 100-meter dash.” said Dr. Ken Ho – lead author of the study.

“This improvement could turn the last place finisher in the Olympic finals into a gold medal winner.”

As if that wasn’t enough, researchers found that HGH significantly reduced fat mass among the athletes.

Of course, HGH isn’t without its side effects – the athletes who received HGH also complained of swelling and joint pain.


But, then again, what’s a little joint pain, if 2-3 months of  HGH therapy turns the average athlete into a leaner, faster, Hulk-like freak of nature.

Is it any wonder HGH is such a popular choice for pro athletes?


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  1. No recommendation

    Just trying to separate fact from morality when it comes to performance enhancing drugs

    HGH, steroids, test, IGF-1, etc all have beneficial effects for athletic performance and overall health vitality.

    And yet we (society) labels them as bad (from a moral perspective). Because of this, we lose out on their benefits

    I have a few clients (older men) who saw their health & lifestyle improve after their GP started injecting them with low doses of testosterone. They got healthier & felt better.

    When I discussed this with some other doctors, it was a very touchy subject because of the social stigma. Opinion was split with the “yes” group talking about the health benefits and the “no” group talking about the moral implication and simply saying that steroids are bad.

    Needless to say, I was pretty unimpressed that doctors were making medical decisions based upon public perception rather than medical/scientific research.

    Long story short, my POV on HGH is that it can be a useful tool to treat medical conditions / improve health markers, but I don’t want to see athletes using it just to make more money.

  2. Do you have a POV on the HGH supplements sold in health food stores? It is my understanding that they are only contain chemical pre-cursors to HGH. Not sure if they work and some of the claims they make are absurd. Your thoughts?
    Dr. Ed

  3. I would say HGH, Steroids, ect… should be legal. There are way more deaths from pharm drugs, and based on anecdotal evidence, most of these “illegal drugs” actually improve ones health.

    I’ve seen people’s injuries heal in record time because of HGH. What’s wrong with that?

    In my opinion our freedom to choose what we put in our body is an important one, whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, HGH, raw milk, organic food, ect…

    Good post

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