A Warning to all Sugar Junkies


And that’s not good.

That means that 44% (or 135, 082, 882) of the American population is insulin resistant……And why is this such a big deal?

It’s a big deal because, according to this new study, when you (or someone you love) is insulin resistant, your arteries are unable to receive the signal that prevents the buildup of fatty plaques that can cause them to harden. (see atherosclerosis)

And considering that atherosclerosis is responsible for many of diabetes’ worst complications— heart disease, stroke, leg amputations and death….perhaps you should cut back on the cereal and toast and fruit juice and sandwiches and pasta and soda and chips and…




  1. Well, there’s always honey or Stevia. I find myself not caring about sugar that much since I don’t have a very sweet tooth but when I do want something sweet I’ll either have some dark chocolate or find a way to combine fruit with something to make a dessert 🙂

  2. Very informative post. Until sugar was introduced into the diet; there weren’t all these problems. I would say a healthy alternative is honey. If it’s organic even better.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. I’ve always been aware of the negative consequences of excessive sugar intake but I wasn’t aware that causing plaque to build up in the arteries is one of them. Thanks for the article!

  4. We have sugar and organic sugar. Is it all the same?
    I am 5’5″ and eat a high fiber diet. I eat fresh and dried fruit, fresh vegetables, low fat beef and chicken. I am 70, run and exercise, feel great and don’t take any medicines. Got any suggestions to eat better.

  5. It sounds like you’re doing fine to me. As long as there are no specific health issues or some sort of athletic goal you’re trying to attain…I would recommend that you keep doing what you’re doing

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  7. Like stated in another article sugar isn’t bad for you. In it’s purest form it’s quite beneficial. What is hazardous to our health is white processed refined glistening sugar. All nutrients and health benefits removed. High fructose corn syryp, artificial sweeteners like aspartame = killers, health depletion. Brown sugar(white sugar w/ molasses added).
    Don`t worry there are so many alternatives:
    Organic honey, raw honey
    pure maple syrup
    agave syrup
    blackstrap molasses(sulfur-free)
    natural substitutes(stevia, xyla)
    sucanat: crushed freshly cut sugar cane to extract juices. Then heated and reduced to a rich, dark syrup which is then hand-paddled. This cools & dries syrup, creating the dry porous granules.
    demerara(unrefined cane sugar or raw sugar)
    Turbinado sugar(relatively unprocessed & unrefined cane sugar; crystallized through evaporation)
    Muscovado sugar: unrefined, dark brown sugar. The real brown sugar. Sugarcane juice left in during production. Great substitute for faux brown sugar.

  8. So what do you eat when your body is craving sugar all the time I know fruit is good but I have a sensitive stomach can’t eat too much fruit any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  9. Kicking the sugar habit isn’t always simple. Here are a few different approaches (some of which can be combined)

    – Go cold turkey – for two weeks, go on a low-carb/Atkins style diet. Biologically, it will get rid of your sugar cravings. Emotionally & socially…you will probably still crave sweets

    – Substitute sugar – Sugar alcohols like xylitol or herbal stevia/truvia or sucralose can replace sugar sweetened foods. Combining this with an Atkins diet works well for some people

    – Go healthy – eliminate sweets from your diet and replace them with healthy grains (and artificially sweetened beverages if necessary)

    I would also pay attention to when the sugar cravings hit. In addition to biological cravings, sugar is also used as an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety drug. If your moods are affecting your sugar consumption, you should probably find a way to address them before you try and kick the sugar habit

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