Yesterday, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and ParticipACTION unveiled a series of new physical activity recommendations to encourage Canadians to become more physically active.

And that’s good.

I am a big fan of health promotion / disease prevention.

Problem is… these recommendations are toothless.

They’re just talk.

What’s the point of setting new exercise guidelines if you don’t support them up with initiatives to convert those guidelines into actual physical activity?

  • We already know that we “should” exercise
  • We already know that we “should” eat healthier
  • We already know that we’re fatter than ever
  • We already know that our kids are fatter than ever
  • We already know that we should reduce stress, sleep 8 hours, take our vitamins…

We already know this stuff

What we need is:

  • Legislation & funding to re-introduce phys-ed classes into our schools
  • A re-organization of gov’t food subsidies to improve our food supply
  • A non-partisan discussion about applying “sin” taxes to junk food
  • Marketing campaigns designed to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Tax credits designed to reward individual behaviors that promote health, prevent disease and reduce healthcare costs
  • Tax credits for community fitness groups

And the only way we’re ever going to get what we need is to pressure/embarrass our politicians  into doing what we want.

sad but true

So, in that spirit, I am asking you to apply some pressure on your politicians by sending them an email (include a link to this article) asking telling them that we need to get serious about health promotion / disease prevention.

To make things a little easier, I am including a list of state/provincial government departments responsible for health promotion.




United States of America

(apologies to my American friends, but there are just way too many states and I have clients to train)

More Resources:


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