Oprah Ain't Gonna Diet No More

No she isn’t.

Oprah has given up on dieting after reading  Women Food and God, the latest book by Geneen Roth.

And, if history holds true, millions and millions of women may soon be putting down their diet books and picking up this new approach to mindful eating.

At the present time, I am waiting on a copy of this book to be delivered, so I can’t give you a complete review.

But, I am a big fan of mindful eating as a powerful weight loss tool.

So, you can wait for the review or you can take a chance, spend $15 and see if Oprah & Geneen are onto something here.

The following video should give you a pretty good idea of what the book is about



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  1. The principles in ‘Women, Food and God’ are nearly identical to those put forth in faith-based weight loss systems.

    Two years ago, I became involved in The Light Weigh, a program devised by a Catholic woman, Suzanne Fowler.

    There are no ‘forbidden’ or ‘bad’ foods. Eat only when hungry and then only enough to assuage your hunger. When you are tempted to eat mindlessly or for any other reason than hunger, pray.

    This is vastly simplifying the entire program but that is the essence of it. And it works exceedingly well.

    Having had a ‘weight problem’ my entire life – my pediatrician put me on diet pills at age 10 – I have always maintained that any diet does not work if you eat for the wrong reasons.

    What does it matter WHAT you eat if you eat for the wrong reasons – and that means if you eat for any reason besides hunger.

  2. Wow. It took Oprah how long to realize this? I wish her celebrity trainer was a better ambassador for our industry. Fad dieting and short term goal exercise programs are not lifestyles. A healthy lifestyle is built on a foundation of moderate eating and exercising to form healthy habits. There are no bad foods, its the quantity consumed in balance with appropriate activity or lack of.

  3. I have not read the book but did take the time to watch the video clip included in this blog entry. What this seems like to me is a self esteem issue.

    There is nothing wrong with dieting or improving your body at all, as long as you aren’t doing it because you think that is who you are. I personally believe that if I am in poor health, dealing with diabeties and obesity and who knows what else, how the heck am I going to be able to help anyone else? How can I give aid to people who are worse off than I? How can I be the one that doesn’t just look and say “Aww, thats a shame” and walk away, but I’m the one that gets up and does something about it! How can I be an instrument in God’s hands if my health is so poor it prevents me from doing anything? You’ll feel horrible the day your best friend calls you up needing your help for an emergency and you have to tell him/her that you can’t help because you have to keep your regular doctor’s appointment to refill a high blood pressure prescription you can’t go without.

    Balance. That is the key.
    Balance in your life, including your body’s condition, is how you can find peace.

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