Do You Live In America's Fittest City?

If you live in Washington D.C., then yes…you do live in America’s fittest city.

At least, according to the fine folks at the American Fitness Index.


So, what makes Washington such an uber-fit place to live?

Lets see…, healthy food, lots of parks, phys ed in school, farmers’ markets, bicycling, transit, recreation centers & lots of doctors…

And how come Oklahoma City is so uber-fat?

….less money, less healthy food, fewer parks, less phys ed, fewer farmers’ markets, less cycling, inferior public transit, not as many rec centers and fewer doctors.


So, what’s your hometown like?


Is it more like the nation’s Fit Capital or the nation’s Fat Capital?


What can you do to improve your city’s ranking?


  • Contact your local politicians and give them this info…and tell them to get to work
  • Organize a Facebook / Meetup group of concerned citizens
  • Contact Gary Oppenheimer and start up a food pantry
  • Tell your school board that you want phys-ed for your kids
  • Help to reclaim your city’s parks
  • Buy a bicycle and ride it…put a basket on it and go get some vegetables from your food pantry
  • Start a farmers’ market
  • Make use of the $7.5 billion being spent on transit infrastructure as part of the stimulus package.
  • Sign up for a course at your local rec center
  • Eat more vegetables – Eat less junk food
  • Organize walking / fitness groups (ask Health Habits to design a group training program – or hire a trainer – way cheaper than Boot Camp)
  • suggestions???



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    1. Why yes, I do live in (well, just outside of) Washington DC. And it is true that we can’t move without tripping over farmers’ markets. But the supermarkets also have amazing produce.

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