The War against Salt

.First, we had a war against drugs.

Then we started a war against obesity.

Now, we have a war against salt.

The Combatants?

On the anti-salt / salt reduction side, we have New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, First Lady Michelle Obama and starting this morning…..Health Canada.

Their weapon of choice?

A salt reduction plan where they ask industry to reduce the amount of salt in their processed foods.

  • Health Canada is asking industry to follow voluntary reduction targets aimed at slashing the average Canadian’s daily consumption of sodium from 3,400 mg to 2,300 mg by 2016.
  • Bloomberg’s National Salt Reduction Intiative is hoping to reduce Americans’ salt intake by 20% over five years.

Both of these initiatives are modeled on the salt reduction campaign that the Brits kicked off in 2003.


Hmmmmm…..a voluntary salt reduction.


And why would our processed food producers want to “voluntarily” reduce the amount of salt in their products?

  • Salt makes food taste better
  • When food tastes better, we eat more of it
  • When we eat more food, we have to buy more food
  • When we buy more food, food producers make more money
  • When food producers make more money, their CEOs get bigger bonuses
  • And when CEOs get bigger bonuses…they are happy.

So, I ask once again…why would food producers “voluntarily” reduce the amount of salt in their products?

Apart from a public shaming campaign (boo salt), I can’t think of a single reason.

In fact, food giant Cargill is fighting back with a p.r. campaign featuring Food Network star – Alton Brown.

double click the image to see the pro-salt website



The anti-salt side is about to get their butt kicked.


(for more info, read the NY Times article on Cargill’s “Hard Sell on Salt”)


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