Creatine is for Crossfitters

It’s also for sprinters and soccer players and linebackers and paddlers and hockey players and HIIT fanatics and just about everyone who wants to maximize their high-intensity, short-duration athletic performance.

That is, if they’re male.

According to this research, male test subjects who consumed 20 g of Creatine citrate per day (4 x 5g doses) over 5 consecutive days exhibited a 23% greater Anaerobic Running Capacity (ARC) than those in the placebo group.

The women didn’t do so well.



If you’re a guy who wants to be stronger and faster for longer, you may want to load up on creatine prior to your athletic competition.




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  1. i practice,a similiar tecniques,i need more information about all this move,thanks

    Eduardo from Chile

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