Homemade LaraBar Recipes


  • I love them in an obsessive sort of way.
  • I love them in a way that is bordering on unseemly.
  • I love them because they are made with a minimal number of real ingredients with no sweeteners, no fillers, no supplements, no flavorings or no preservatives

LÄRABARS are 100% real food.

But, more than all of that, I love how LÄRABARS taste. Problem is, LÄRABARS ain’t cheap.

For example, one of my clients uses LÄRABARS to fuel her Health Habits workouts. And at $2.50 per bar x 2 bars per workout x 5 workouts per week, that means she spends $25 per week on LÄRABARS. If we assume that she takes two weeks off from her workout schedule per year, that means she spends $25 x 50 weeks = $1250 per year on LÄRABARS.

Which she would be okay with. Unfortunately, her husband isn’t.

So, to maintain connubial bliss, my client and I went online in search of homemade LÄRABAR recipes.

Here’s what we found:

And for those visual learners out there, here is a “how to make” Larabars video for your viewing pleasure.

Well, that should be enough to get you started. But if none of those flavor combinations suit your fancy, here is a list of the “official” Larabar flavors.

Bon appetit.


  1. I am going to try my hand at making a bunch of different Larabar clones this weekend. Your fudge babies are on my list – they look ridiculously good

  2. Okay, so I didn’t make any Larabars this weekend – the weather was too nice and I was outdoors both days soaking up the summer sun

  3. oh you have no idea just how happy I am with this page!
    Will have loads of things to try out the coming weekends!

  4. Oh my gosh thank you!! I too am obsessed with these bars, but they are not cheap. I would rather use all that money on a fun trip than on nutrition bars. I was spending more on bars than actual food! This is a lifesaver. I am going to try these straight away!!!

  5. Thanks so much for this post! I love the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar the best. I am going to make these tonight 🙂 I buy Larabars at Walmart; a box of 5 bars goes for $5.98, so they are reasonably priced.

  6. Larabars are on sale for $5 a box at Superstore (BC – Lower Mainland, Vancouver area)!
    I’m going to snatch up a few tonight and may try out some of these recipes when I get time.

  7. […] – mostly just a nut and date base, with minimal added ingredients like cocoa powder, coconut, etc. This web site has a list of recipes to make your own, it seems easy enough as long as you've got a food processor. […]

  8. […] The base recipe for these bars is simple: nuts + dates. I will definitely make more variations, with different nuts, spices, and added dried fruits. I have a bag of cacao nibs that would make a great chocolaty cookie variety. There are plenty of recipes for similar bars on the Health Habits blog. […]

  9. I love larabars. They’re really just very good fruitcake, sans booze.

    After a lifetime of hearing jokes about fruitcake, I find it ironic that one company is making a killing off of individual serving sizes of fruitcake to a world of people who would otherwise never consider eating the stuff.
    Yes, Larabars taste good, but the secret to their success is the lovely packaging.

    Make your own Larabars? Makes perfect sense. Just don’t give them to your friends at Christmas time.

  10. I am one of those rare individuals who love fruitcake as well.

    Unfortunately my immune system doesn’t like the wheat used to make fruitcake

  11. So, is it criminal for me to have never before eaten a Larabar before? I’ll say that you now have me intrigued and I am going to have to look into making some. Now, with such a massive list of seemingly good-sounding flavors I must ask: Which flavor reigns supreme???

  12. […] anyway, and they like them, but those packaged ones have wrappers and that makes them appealing.) Here is a link to all sorts of homemade larabar recipes, in case you want to make your own […]

  13. this is great! here in Canada they retail for about $2.80 – 2.90 per bar or almost $3 US!! It’s always worth it to make homemade since you’re not paying anyone else for labour!!


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