Resveratrol & Weight Loss

Resveratrol is currently being studied for its effect on increasing lifespan, preventing cancer, preventing diabetes, preventing inflammation, improving cardiovascular function, protecting the environment and guaranteeing world peace. (not sure about the last two)

As if that wasn’t enough, this phytoalexin is also being  touted as a potent weight loss agent.

Back in 2008, I wrote about the research being done by the researchers at Sirtis. At that point, the research was pretty much theoretical. Exciting, but a long way away from showing up at your pharmacy/health food store.

However, less than 2 years later, researchers have found that a 4 week program of resveraltrol supplementation (in doses of 200mg/kg/day) was able to increase satiety, decrease caloric intake by 13% and increase resting metabolism by 29%.

True, this research was conducted on lemurs…and the doses tested would require a 200 lb man to swallow 18,000 mg or 90 x 200mg capsules per day…at a cost of approximately $60 per day….but at least they’re getting closer.

Who knows, in another 2 years, they could have a product ready for the shelves that doesn’t require a second mortgage.


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  1. […] research is exploring the effect on supplementation with resveratrol and weight loss. Previous research using resveratrol by Siritis (owned by Glaxo-SmithKline) has lead to discoveries […]

  2. Lately, there are studies on people with cancer and the benefits of trans-resveratrol.
    God gave us manny solutions in nature, it’s up to smart people to find it and all the one’s who need it to use it.

  3. […] because we want those things, some of us are willing to starve ourselves or swallow just about any drug or supplement that promises to halt or slow down the aging […]

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