The Secret to Weight Loss

There are those genetic freaks amongst us who can eat pizza and cake and ice cream and mocha frappucinos with extra whipped cream….and still remain as lean as Mr. Posh Spice. But you ain’t one of them.

So, make a choice.

Do you want to eat pizza and cake and ice cream and….or do you want to be fit and lean and get a modeling contract with Calvin Klein, be a sex object for billions of women & men and have a set of abs that you could grate cheese with.

Your choice.


  1. Actually, you can have both, just not all the time. It’s fine to have a “cheat meal” every now and then (say, once every other week or once a month), and if you’re favorite junk food’s pizza, then by all means, stuff it down! Just stay completely clean the rest of the time, and you’re good to go.

  2. It all depends on lots of factors. Not only genetics. You can have a normal genetics and eat a cheat meal once a week to boost up your metabolism(considering you´re on a diet during the week). When you eat a cheat meal you get the extra calories your body is not used to and speed up the metabolism and you start sweating etc. Actually a cheat meal is almost obligatory to keep you sane. I totally not agree with the sentence “this pizza or these abs…its an either or proposition…. you cant have both… sorry”
    As long as you do your cardio, reach you fatburning zone etc of course you can have both. Thats why people get unmotivated/sad to go on a diet cause they think they will have to give up the pleasures of life like eating a pizza or ice cream in order to have abs.

  3. Well, primal/paleo fans know that you can have delicious foods all the time, without them being junk, and you can be lean and healthy. But for those that can’t go without the carbs + fat + everything, I guess the 80/20 would apply. I just don’t think that without the “cheat meal” most people would be 100% within their nutritional borders. Most people cheat. And some don’t even know it (high sugar content of some fruits, starchy vegetables, whole grains etc)

  4. Abs….I made the decision 5 months ago to eat clean and do daily ab workouts. One day lower abs, upper, obliques, core, etc. I have to say I have never been happier in my life. Results take a long time and you have to be dedicated and hard working (I mean HARD work) but I am so happy pizza is out of my life and the six pack is here to stay!:)

  5. I have to get some of that pizza! I agree with the “cheat meal” way, and I think if you have something you like now and then, you don’t lose the will to keep exercising.

    That pizza looks damn good though.

  6. This is just regular Health Industry belief. Luckily i am on a fasting regime led by Martin Berkhan that allows me to enjoy my diet whilst getting ripped. I feel bad for people that fall for this, I consume pizza often because it is so dang good.

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