Pickle Juice Eliminates Muscle Cramps

pickle juice eliminates muscle cramps

Picture this:

  • There’s 23 seconds left in the game.
  • The Dallas Cowboys are trailing the Baltimore Ravens by 5 points.
  • Dallas’ All-Pro tight end Jason Witten has just gone down with severe muscle cramps in one of his hamstrings.

Game over, right?


  • Fox Sports decides to take a tv timeout….(a little convenient perhaps, but they are America’s team)
  • The trainers drag Witten off the field and grab a bottle of their magic anti-muscle cramp supplement
  • Witten cracks open the bottle, and
  • Chugs down a bottle of pickle juice….yep, I said it – pickle juice
  • 85 seconds later…Witten is free of muscle cramps and is able to re-enter the game

Game on.

  • With 10 seconds left in the game, Witten breaks across the middle of the field, catches a pass from Tony Romo…and is knocked senseless by Ray Lewis.
  • The ball is intercepted by Ed Reed and returned for another Ravens touchdown.

Game over…Cowboys lose.

But at least Jason Witten doesn’t have any more muscle cramps – concussion yes, muscle cramps no.


So, what’s the deal with the pickle juice?

According to researchers, pickle juice is able to relieve muscle cramps faster than water…faster than Gatorade…faster than Powerade…faster than any other supplement.

In fact, it works so fast, researchers believe that the water and electrolytes found in pickle juice have little to do with its muscle cramp busting ability.

They believe that “the rapid inhibition of the electrically induced cramps reflects a neurally mediated reflex that originates in the oropharyngeal region and acts to inhibit the firing of alpha motor neurons of the cramping muscle”.

Or, in English…it triggers a nerve reaction in your throat that stops your nervous system from telling your muscles to cramp up.

Pretty cool, huh?



  1. Wow, this is great. Can’t wait to try it out during one of my interval workouts.
    Pickle juice has amazing ability to ease hangovers and tummy pains, but never thought it could relieve muscle cramps.

  2. Re: pickle juice – 1. how/where do you find it?
    2. Salt content a problem? – my doctor says to cut down on salt – so, how do I handle that one?

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