Calling all Paleo Foodies

Following up on my first E-book – A Paleo Diet for the 21st Century, I have decided to create a Paleo Cookbook.

And I need your help.

This book is going to be different than the first one.

Instead of writing everything myself, I am recruiting Paleo-Foodie bloggers to help me create the biggest & bestest Paleo Cookbook of all time.

And then give it away free to you guys.

So far, I have 12 Paleo/Foodie bloggers on board. I would like to get that number up to 50 or more.

And that’s where you come in.

I need you to help spread the word.

I need you to share this post – email it, Re-Tweet it, share it on Facebook, Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, post it on the bulletin board at your supermarket, whatever…

And the sooner I get to 50 contributors, the sooner I can put it all together and the sooner I can email you your copy.


Thanks in advance




  1. I can’t help with a recipe, but here’s a link to someone that is also into this:

    She can probably help, and even spread the word.

    Hope this helps, Doug.

  2. As long as the recipes are paleo, you list the ingredients, have clear instructions & at least one pic of the finished product, I would love to have you on board

  3. I would love to be apart of this! I RECENTLY did the paleo diet and have many recipes I have created that i would love to share:)

  4. I’m in. I have been eating paleo for 8 weeks now and I LOVE it! I am so shocked. All I could eat before this was bread and sugar. I didn’t think I could stay on it but it is so easy when you get rolling. I am a food blogger and a food journalist that writes for a few different papers and magazines. I didn’t feel confidant before now to share my food, but I am getting the swing of it. I have come up with some killer recipes and am about to launch a new blog called the “cavewoman cafe.” I will post my first post on it tonight or tomorrow so you can check it out. Talk to you soon
    Dana Zia

  5. I’m in! I’ve got lots for you. Just a matter of writing it down and getting the photos to you.

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmm the bread & sugar diet – favored by carbiterians all around the world

    Glad you made the switch to paleo & extra glad you’re going to contribute to the cookbook

  7. Hello! A friend just sent me a link to your site and I just downloaded the ebook. I love the simple approach and would love to help contribute to your next one. It would also be great to keep a copy in our gym.

    I cook privately for individuals, mostly CrossFit families (all paleo), teach nutrition seminars for our clients and coach as well. Check out the nutrition tags on our site:

    I post some of my own and others’ recipes along with my nutrition posts. My specialty is making veggies, especially leafy greens, tasty 🙂 Drop me a line!

  8. Count me in! Been Paleo for 5 months. Also love to cook new things! I will pass this on to my friends!

  9. I would love to be involved! I’m just starting out on the Paleo adventure. Love to cook 🙂 I will be blogging about my journey. Can’t wait!

  10. I am going to try your Breakfast of Champions tomorrow & I would love to include it in the cookbook

    I will be sending out more info later this afternoon

  11. Cook Clean is a blog about Clean and Paleo cooking. All the recipes I post are my own creations and I would love to lend some of my paleo creations to your project. What an AWESOME idea!!

  12. Hi there.

    This looks great; I can’t wait to see this ebook.

    For fans of this post, I thought I’d mention that I’m about to launch a recipe site dedicated to paleo/primal deliciousness. Anyone can register to be informed about when we launch at:

    Keep up the good work.

  13. before deciding to go totally vegan i followed a paleo diet. i am the chef at an all organic natural foods cafe- (check out the menu)

    i would LOVE to contribute, let me know where i can email my recipes.

  14. Hi Doug,

    I’d love to submit a recipe or two. I write and manage Paleo Plan, and hopefully, have a few original recipes that may be of interest.

    Thanks for doing this.


  15. I am health researcher/writer in public health, and an owner of a NEW wellness company and I’m loving Paleo eating. I also love cooking and have tweaked a few Mexican/Cuban/Puerto Rican recipes as Paleo-friendly. I would LOVE to contribute!

  16. We’re a family on the Paleo bandwagon and inventing family-friendly recipes along the way. Our scallop bacon kabobs and mussels posts were popular, and I can definately do tons more.

  17. Hi Doug!

    This is a fantastic idea. My partner and I have been Paleo for over a year and have invented a few recipes. I’m a foodie photographer and he’s detailing his paleo/strength journey on the blog We can supply a recipe w/ photo if you still need contributors 🙂


  18. I am happy to contribute a Paleo recipe. FYI we have discovered that my baby boy is naturally Paleo! All he wants this summer is high value protein and super-fruits. He’s totally Alpha-male too. Playing rugby at 16 months.

    Patricia Libertini

  19. I would love to contribute to the cookbook. Please let me know some more information. @JoePetrusky

  20. @cancerbandit if you wanna contact me on twitter, this sounds like me! I just had my thirteenth surgery for a brain tumor in 13 years a week and a half ago and I’m ready to GO PRIMAL! if email is easier. Thank you for the opportunity, let me know what I can do!

  21. Hey Matt,

    Best of luck recovering from your surgery…#13…whew!!!

    While I have no idea how eating Paleo will help your particular medical issues, I see improvements in my clients with “lifestyle/inflammation” diseases – obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, fibro, etc…

    Re your offer to help, I have enough recipe authors at this point.

    But, I would appreciate if you could spread the word.

    Unlike a big book publisher, I need to rely on social media to get the word out.

    Paleo is still very niche BUT if you tell 2 friends & they tell 2 friends…it may become mainstream….and that would be a good thing for the health of a lot of people.

    BTW – what’s your twitter name?

  22. @cancerbandit is the twitter name. I will definitely get the word out there for you. If you could, I’d like to get your promotional media so I can do just that! Thank you very much. I look forward to being in contact with you.

  23. […] moment I decided to live healthier over a year ago), said he was putting together an e-book, a free Paleo Cookbook! I’m incredibly honored to be part of this book and I can’t wait until its release next […]

  24. Has there been any progress ?. I wish I could contribute but I’m absolutely rubbish in the kitchen, that’s why I’m asking about the book 😉

  25. Served this up to my 16 and 20 year olds who recently declared a desire to go paleo. They responded with ‘interesting’ and ‘awesome’. Thanks for posting.

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