What goes into a Health Habits Exercise Training Program?

At first glance, designing an exercise training program seems pretty simple – reps, sets, exercise…done.

Too bad most exercise training programs stink.

Here are some of the things I think about when designing an exercise training program:

  • Type of Exercise
  • Resistance or load – how much weight, what % of 1 RM, type of resistance  – fixed load – bodyweight, barbells, dumbbells, etc, – variable load – resistance band, cam machine, chain, pneumatic machine, etc…
  • Reps – number of reps, arrangement of reps, number of reps as % of max effort
  • Sets – number of sets, arrangement of sets
  • Speed – speed of eccentric/concentric/isometric pause
  • Rest – rest between reps, rest between sets, rest between exercises/supersets/workouts/different training programs
  • Form – strict, sloppy or somewhere in between
  • Diet/Nutrition
  • Focus – how much mental effort is placed upon the quality and quantity of each rep?
  • Muscular tension – which muscles are relaxed/contracted during an exercise, how intense is the contraction?
  • Muscles Used – prime movers, antagonists, assistance muscles
  • Body Position – standing, seated, prone, supine, kneeling, squatting
  • Limbs used during exercise – bilateral, unilateral
  • Balance / Stability
  • Effort/Intensity – is your 100% the same as my 100% effort?
  • Equipment – the variety on the market is amazing
  • Movements – squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, etc..
  • Environment – indoor, outdoor, quiet, loud, commercial gym, garage, etc…
  • Injuries / Physical Limitations / Muscle imbalances
  • Motivation – goals, music, environment, training partner, etc…
  • Extraneous – life,stress,sleep, family support, etc

This is the sort of stuff that goes into a health habits exercise training program.

It’s no wonder that I am starting to get grey hairs.


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