Breakfast Egg Crepes

If there was ever a breakfast of champions, this is it. Simple, healthy and most importantly delicious. This is my take on the traditional crepe or pancake. Super high in protein and loaded with fresh flavour.

The photo says it all.

Serves 2

2 organic egg whites
2 organic whole eggs
pinch salt n pepper
Olive oil spray

Here’s the full recipe. Take a gander ’round my site and you’ll find lots more healthy tid bits.

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  1. I make these almost daily for lunch… I tuck in some ventresca tuna belly, oh boy is it good… minced olives, sun-dried tomatoes & green beans would also be delicious too!

  2. Another healthy breakfast meal recipe. Well, almost all of us don’t miss to prepare eggs for our breakfast. It has always been a part of everbody’s meal during morning. I will definitely try this cheesy veggie omelet.

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