Belly Fat = Type 2 Diabetes = Too Much Carbs

Most days, I enjoy sifting through the latest research into weight loss, health, fitness, etc… But not today.

Today I read a study that dooms Mr. Balloon Belly here to a lifetime of popping diet pills and undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

The Research

In this study, researchers used an MRI machine to determine each participant’s level of belly and liver fat along with a blood test to determine insulin sensitivity.

Then, they put all 243 of the test subjects on a nine month lifestyle intervention program which reduced fat intake to a maximum of 30 percent of total calories (including less than 10 percent in the form of saturated fat) and had them engage in moderate physical activity such as walking for at least three hours a week.

Eat less (fat) & move more….classic.

The Results

The patients who started with the most belly fat & were the most insulin insensitive and who were most at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes did the worst on this lifestyle intervention program.

“The participants who improved their health status as a result of diet and exercise started out with lower baseline levels of abdominal and liver fat.”

Their Conclusion

The researchers concluded that patients with a high level of belly fat & a high level of insulin insensitivity were unlikely to ever be successful at improving their situation with lifestyle modification.


Ergo…to lose weight, they would need the help of pharmaceuticals and/or weight loss surgery.

My Conclusion

The lifestyle modification plan used in this experiment is crap.

If you want to improve insulin sensitivity, you don’t modify fat intake…you modify carbohydrate intake.

  • Carbs = sugar
  • Too much sugar = insulin insensitivity
  • Insulin insensitivity = belly & liver fat
  • Insulin insensitivity = type 2 diabetes

So, before the medical community tells Mr. Balloon Belly that he is doomed to a life of gastric bypass and anal leakage, perhaps they should retire their old school food pyramids and learn something from us non-experts.


Thus endeth the rant…thanks for listening.



  1. Thanks for the e-book! It’s awesome. The only thing I have to say is that, our ancestors would have been able to get honey. There are bees that don’t sting in parts of the world that produce honey – they would have been able to get honey from stingless bee hives. Also, there are times of the day when bees are not as likely to sting.

  2. Stingless bees – you have to like that

    Still, someone is going to have to harvest it and then be willing to share or sell it and how would the available quantity compare to today?

  3. That’s quite interesting that they concluded that the highest benchmark patients will never see good results and will only benefit from, what I would consider, severe treatments. Do you know who funded the study? I didn’t see it in the link.

  4. Thank you! Obviously those doing the study have been duped into thinking the pyramid will work for everyone. My husband and i have been concerned with our blood sugar levels and went on the South Beach Diet almost a month ago. We’ve lost 12-13 pounds each so far. We eat eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds and lots of veggies (mostly raw but some cooked at dinner with some lean meat). Now that we’ve made it to phase II, we have added a little fruit in moderation and for desert on occasion, not every day, i will have a Larabar or 2-3 dark chocolate covered cashews). We have cut out all processed foods, alcohol, white anything, sugar and especially high fructose corn syrup. We both feel better and believe the bellies will be leaving soon! This will be a lifestyle not a quick fix. I hope the guy in the picture can find something that will work for him. ( :

  5. I totally agree with you. Diabetics do not need to reduce the amount of fat they eat. They need to reduce the amount of carbs they eat. Reducing carbs is the fastest way to lower your blood sugar, reduce your belly fat,and control you diabetes.

  6. Thank you for this rant – I’m right behind you and shouting just as loud. I am so sick of reading ‘authoratative’ articles promoting that tired old ‘wisdom’ about carbs, pyramids and wholegrains*, it’s no wonder the west is getting fatter.

    As for them telling people that there is no hope without drugs, it is reprehensible and I think we can all guess who sponsored this research…

    It makes it almost impossible for me to help my class participants to achieve their goals when I’m up against this kind of received wisdom.

    *To my mind grains are for horses and birds – we can’t eat them without processing them first and they are the last thing we would go looking for if we were stranded on a desert isle. Rant, rant, ad infinitum.

    Best wishes.

  7. EET Fitness has had truly remarkable success with Type 2 Diabetics – even those with high amounts of belly fat.

    EET bases it’s approach on the theory that it’s not too many carbs that are the problem, it’s too many carbs at the wrong times to be handled by the natural metabolic cycle.

    you can see the before and after pics of the two type two diabetics EET has worked with for well over 6 months here:

    Both have gone off insulin completely and reduced their other medications as well. Each still eats generous amounts of carbs (including high glycemic carbs) with a carefully constructed timing schedule.

    EET understands our results are not conclusive as our sample is very small–but we’re two for two with dramatic results so we’re off to a good start and thing Eating timing has huge implications for diabetics.

  8. Healthy life style still the key
    to get rid of diabetes.Anyway you
    a great blog this can help to
    those have diabetes. 🙂

  9. Last November, I started the “30 Days To Better Health” program. I had been struggling with high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and was a little overweight (my doctor wanted me to loose 10 lbs). This program concentrates on a low-glycemic diet, moderate exercise and taking high quality, complete and balanced supplements. After 30 days my cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure were down to normal range. I also lost 15 lbs and am down to ideal weight.

  10. Good article — with one missing element. Healthy sleep is a pre-requisite for a healthy metabolism. People suffering from sleep disordered breathing conditions such as obstructive sleep apnoea also suffer from retarded metabolism. According to Dr Ralph Pascualy, SDB is the linking factor between obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. You can read his excellent article here:

  11. Just wanted to add my unsolicited two cents real quick! My dad is 73 years old and a few years ago was taken to the emergency room from his doctor’s office. The result was that he had had a mild stroke and required a pace maker and that his blood sugar was over 500! Dr.’s were amazed that he wasn’t in a coma or dead and had to inject insulin directly into his IV for a week to get him stabilized.

    My dad was required to go to a “diabetes” class, get a blood glucose meter, and take Januvia, an oral medication. I, out of curiosity, wanted to go to the class with my dad. I was shocked to learn how many people had no clue about what a carb or protein source was. Even more surprising, the instructor – a licensed dietician mind you – told one woman she could still have her cinnamon roll but to just had some protein to it. I couldn’t help myself and became a disruptive class member in the sense that I challenged most of what the dietician said. All in all, my dad was sent home to fend for himself.

    Recently I find that my dad’s blood sugar is regularly in the 220’s after he wakes up in the morning. I also found out that at his last Dr.’s appointment he was told that if it couldn’t be brought under control that he would require insulin. I couldn’t take it any more. I talked my parents in allowing me to do all the cooking and grocery shopping. My dad’s favorite snack? Ritz crackers and Jif peanut butter. He had no clue how much sugar and carbs he was getting! I threw them out. I got rid of my mom’s bags of chips, my dad’s pretzels, their bread, and all the hydrogenated dips they so adored. They were in shock and a bit pissed off at first but I told them they had to be all in or not at all.

    They not eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. No one misses breakfast. All carbs were removed from their diet for the first week and they ate lots of chicken, fish, and veggies. My dad’s favorite snack of Ritz crackers and Jif peanut butter were replaced with celery and a no sugar added peanut butter. Then I started to add in some low glycemic fruits, however, my dad does better with a half of grapefruit or 1/2 apple and can’t handle any more than that or any other type of fruit. My mom has lost 55 pounds and my dad’s blood sugar is consistently around 120-122 in the mornings and nor higher than the 130’s after eating.

    My dad’s doctor was shocked at his last appointment. My dad is sold that diet is a powerful tool and feels much better now that his blood sugar is under control and now thinks all doctors are quacks. Diet does have a strong impact on all processes in the body!! There is no excuse for doctors to push pills and insulin over diet changes other than the money they make from doing so! We need more doctors out there that truly want to help people through proper nutrition!

    That’s my rant!


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