Vegan Doctors Bitch Slap McDonalds

If there’s one thing I can say about the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine….it’s that they’ve got cojones.

In a distinctly PETA-like fashion, this little group of vegan/animal rights activists has just up and bitch slapped McDonalds with this commercial.

Oooooooh snap…….No they dittant!!!

Ronald McDonald is going to be royally P.O.’d when he sees that PSA.

And you know what happens when Big Red gets angry……you know he’s going to get medieval on someone’s ass.

And I ain’t betting on a group of vegan doctors against that guy.



  1. Hey Doug, I don’t know where you find this stuff.

    I’m definitely not a lawyer, but I wonder if Ronald & Co will take action. Is there litigation potential for use of McDonald’s trademarked logo in this commercial? I don’t know.

    Either way, it’s a very creative and gutsy commercial that definitely captures your attention. Makes me think back to Supersize Me movie goodness. Big Macs? Just say no…

  2. Ironic that your CommentLuv is for Bacon Wrapped Scallops….the vegans would be freaking (not me…I’m bellying up to the table)

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  4. Bitch Slap:

    To open handedley slap someone.
    Denote disrespect for the person being bitch slapped as they are not worthy of a man sized punch.
    Suggests the slap was met with little resistance and much whining

    @Wendy – no misogyny intended

  5. Sadly, McDonald’s is even better at the manipulative advertising game. They’ve been ‘bitch-slapping’ us and our children for decades. I’m more than fine with an organization giving Mickey D a taste of its own medicine!

  6. McDonalds may very well think twice about suing, certainly in terms of defamation, it has backfired before.

    In 1990 they started the longest case in history in the UK against a small group of vegan protesters who were handing out leaflets educating people on the hidden facts concerning the food and employment practices, environmental impact et al

    The case lasted a long time and McDonalds eventually got a victory of sorts, they were awarded a £60k reduced to £40k on appeal, after spending millions on a case over seven and a half years.

    The McLibel case was a unmitigated disaster for the multi-national giant, with all their miscreant goings on scrutinised in public. The case even ended with a change in UK defamation law after appeal by the defendants to the European Court of Human Rights.

    Some of them vegans have got real big balls! They entire process took 15 years for them to complete!

    This current advert is great, nothing like the little guy getting the message over. Good on em, there is simply nothing wrong with showing that junk food is dangerous.

    I’m vegan and I can appreciate the irony of the Bacon post in the ‘comment luv’. This irony is further compounded by the lack of comment luv for me 😦 as it has failed to fetch my last post, my feed is empty apparently, sigh…..

  7. I agree with Angelo, they deserve it completely, but the people who ignorantly eat this shit blindy also deserve a slap for disrespecting their bodies with these types of habits too, but that goes to say, should we bitch slap smokers and binge drinkers as well? People make choices to poison themselves every single day. PCRM has an agenda, they are directly funded by PETA. PETA also likes to make $$$, its all relative. PETA is this cult who constantly uses fear mongering and disgusting media whore tactics to get attention, sure they are trying to save animals, but being a vegetarian isn’t the direct way to do this.

  8. I was a 3x a day McDonald’s girl for many years, with subsequent health problems – too many to name here. I was seriously messed up. But you see, McDonald’s was easy – I lived across the street from one. No need to ever make dinner! I was so happy (but depressed, overweight, and plagued with other sicknesses).

    I went vegan 7 years ago for compassionate reasons, for the animals, and now I realize, I was also being very compassionate to myself.

    God love the PCRM! They did help me become vegan by posting cooking videos, demos, and listing recipes that were very easy for the beginning cook to prepare.

  9. Trust the Americans to stand up to Maccas. I never frequent their cafes as my body sure doesn’t take kindly to junk food. We have groups here who lobby the government as the obesity problem is growing and we are catching up with the US as far as children with health problems goes.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  10. Lots of vegetarians eat crap food too. Cheese, cakes, sweets. It’s all about moderation and variety. You can’t just blame one company for every evil. We make our own choices.

  11. @healthhabits
    Regarding law, I remember when Oprah said something against McDonald in her show and they suited her for millions of dollars in “losses”. She eventually won (lucky her) but that’s what democracy looks like in US today…

  12. Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks.

  13. This is a good definition of what good health is, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World Health Organization, 1946).

  14. I think that once the truth gets out and into the mainstream thanks to the truth-telling of the internet, companies like McDonald’s begin to rapidly lose market share in an even worse way than cigarettes, especially in the western world.

    Nearly everyone that I know not only won’t eat at McDonald’s unless it’s a last resort but they are also putting their children on a more vegetarian diet. If most of these kids ate a clean diet of raw food, we might even see the ritalin go away in schools.

    But then again, we are in an information war right now where the truth is fighting an uphill battle if the government takes control of the media as they are trying to do.

  15. Amazing Blog. I love your style. Maccas deserves each and every slap it gets. Vegan or Not, the place is repulsive.

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