Health Habits Workout – Week 37/Day 1

The next few weeks are going to be a little different.

These workouts are based on a model I often use for clients who are going on holiday.

It’s simple, can be printed on one page and yet it forces them to make some decisions for themselves.

This last point is pretty important to me as a big part of my “real world” training is education. While I love all my clients, I don’t want to keep training them year after year. Kind of like a mama bird, I teach them what they need to learn and when they’re ready…I shove ’em outta the nest.

  • These workouts will require bodyweight and resistance bands only
  • They focus on muscular and anaerobic endurance
  • Are great fat-burners as long as you keep the intensity level turned up to 11
  • Allow you to get out of the gym and enjoy the weather before the snow starts to fly

The Workout

Warm-Up as per usual

After completing the warm-up, I want you to choose 1 exercise from 5 of the 7 groups listed below.

  • Complete the required reps as quickly as possible, minimizing rest periods.
  • How you organize the sets is up to you
  • Move quickly but with good form

Have fun.


BW Squat – 100 reps

1 Leg Squat (standing on bench) – 60 reps total both legs

Jumping Squats – 60 reps


1 Leg Deadlift – 100 reps – 50 per leg

Hip Thrust with feet or body elevated (lying on ball OR with feet on chair) – 100 reps

Hip Thrust – floor – 150 reps


Shuffle Lunges – 200 reps

Burpees – 60 reps

Hill Sprint – 6 x 10 sec sprint


Band Bicep Curl – 100 reps

BW Skullcrusher – 60 reps

1 Arm Band Shoulder Press – 80 reps total – 40 per arm


Horizontal Band Woodchop – 80 reps

2 Arm BW Row – 120 reps

Vertical Woodchop with band or Med Ball / Big Rock Slam – 80 reps


2 Arm Band Chest Press – 100 reps

1 Arm Band Chest Press – 100 reps – 50 per arm

Push-Up – 40 reps total

sorry about the music


Toes to the Sky – abs/core exercise – 100 reps

Ab Wheel Roll-Out – 100 reps

Rolling Like A Ball – 200 reps

In between work sets, use Standing Band Bridges to catch your breath