Would You Eat Genetically Modified Salmon?

image: AquaBounty

As I write this, the FDA is holding a hearing in an attempt to decide if:

  1. Genetically Modified Salmon are fit for the tummies of American consumers, and
  2. If producers of GMO Salmon will be required to label GMO Salmon as GMO Salmon.

What do YOU think?

More Info

FDA Hearing on GMO Salmon live stream – CNN

USDA Labeling Info

Want to Yell at Someone?


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  2. They combined 3 species of fish into a single fish – that’s not semantics.

    Would it be semantics to cross a cow with a horse and a pig?

    Mmmmmmm cow-horse-pig burger

  3. I came over from Hive Health where I see you are on the list of health blogs. I am not American but here in Australia we are facing similar problems with the introduction of genetically modified crops. The problem is (besides them being GM) is that the organic farmers down the road don’t have any say in this as the government in their perceived wisdom at first would not give out the list of which farms were trialling GM crops and secondly once they are established; too bad if the seeds are blown across organic fields!!! There have been so many protests but alas to no avail.
    However we can all make a stand by not buying anything that is GM. People power can change things.
    More and more people are buying organic here in Australia and even the big supermarkets are starting to wake up and take notice by offering organic produce in their stores.
    Most people opt for farmers’ markets for their organic produce as the profits stay with the farmers rather than the big stores.
    Patricia Perth Australia

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