What Does Your Health Club Do For You?

What does your health club (or personal trainer, or iphone app, or online fitness community, or fitness magazine, etc) do for you?

If your club is like my club, then they….

  • provide fitness equipment and space to exercise
  • offer the advice of their in-house fitness professionals
  • blend up the latest in post-workout nutrition
  • schedule fitness classes at convenient times
  • bring in guest speakers to increase your fitness IQ

And, if they do all that, then you’re getting top notch health club service.

So, why is it that after I read this article from marketing guru Seth Godin, I got the feeling that today’s health club industry is doomed for extinction?

Or hopefully…evolution.


Why is it that over 70% of all new health club members stop coming to the gym within 3 months?

And why is it that most of the remaining 30% don’t look much better than we they first joined?

And why is it that today’s health & fitness industry doesn’t seem to care?

The Answer?

Because the current health & fitness industry is still focused on delivering products and services instead of solutions.

Think about it – most people go to a health club to burn off some fat & to get fit.

How they do it is irrelevant.

Or at least it should be.

The goal is what matters……and the health club (or personal trainer, or iphone app, or online fitness community, or fitness magazine, etc) than can shift their focus toward the goals of their clients and away from the latest fitness trend becomes indispensable to their clients.

And in my opinion, this style of thinking is a big part of the reason why Crossfit has become a major player in the health & fitness industry.

They provide results better than anyone else.



  1. This article hits the nail on the head! Obviously people stop using their gym or other fitness program because they don’t see any results. The sad part is that they think the problem is with them and not with the program so they give up completely.

  2. These are some interesting points. Wow, 70%? That’s huge! I do know a lot of people who don’t even use their gym memberships, so there you go. Sometimes I think it’s just the mindset of being in an exclusive club that is appealing.

  3. “shift their focus toward the goals of their clients”
    I love that little line there because as I was reading I thought exactly the same thing.
    I have used some pretty good and focused gyms in the past and had some great results with what I was following, but dedication is something money can’t buy, no matter how fancy your gym.

    “The merit in action lies in seeing it through to the very end”

    Great post

  4. So….do you know any gyms that do offer all these things?
    I don’t! None I know bring in outside speakers, have blended up “the most up to date post workout nurtrition” (though mine offers a cafe for that “pre workout” caffiene fiz!)

    Where’s/what’s your gym??

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