Canada is the World’s Fittest Country

If I have my way, Canada is going to:

  1. Stop pouring billions of dollars into a “healthcare” system focused on disease management,
  2. Start spending a fraction of those billions on health promoting activities, and
  3. Become the world’s fittest country

If you think that sounds pretty cool, then click here and vote for me.

Seriously, click & vote.

  • When you click, your browser will open the main Canada: Our Time to Lead page
  • From here, you need to click on “View the Gallery”
  • On the Gallery Page, you want the “Most Liked” tab
  • And if lots of people vote for me, I should stay on the first page of the Leadership tab

Sorry for the confusion, it ain’t my site.

But, still…please vote…even if it is a bit of a pain in the butt.