When You Think Health Food, Think Nestlé

Last August, I wrote a post entitled – The Future of Health Food

In that post, I predicted a future where healthy food & nutrition would have little to do with this…

or this…

Instead, it would have everything to do with this…

and this…

And like a modern day Nostradamus, I was 100% correct.

In a press release issued yesterday, the Swiss food giant Nestlé has announced that it would seek to expand into the profitable health and wellness sectors by setting up a new unit (Nestlé Health Science) and investing hundreds of millions of dollars in medical research (Nestle Institute of Health Sciences).

According to the Nestlé, these two separate organisations will allow Nestlé to develop the innovative area of personalised health science nutrition to prevent and treat health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease, which are placing an unsustainable burden on the world’s healthcare systems.


Ironic….the company that brings you frozen pizza, ice cream, artificial coffee creamer and Goobers is going to become the world’s largest producer of healthy food.


And in other news…an alliance of the world’s largest drug cartels has decided to expand into the profitable drug rehabilitation sector by setting up a new unit (Narcotic Addiction Health Science) and investing hundreds of millions of dollars in drug rehabilitation research (Narcotic Institute of Health Sciences).



  1. Well, that is the worst news! I try to tell people to “follow the money” when they are deciding on who is giving them honest advice…big pharm? corn industry? now Nestle?? This is absurd and terrible. Speechless

  2. Doug, I can see the ad slogan now, “Introducing the Nestle Institute of Health Sciences, from the makers of Tombstone, Goobers, Butterfinger, and the Chunky bar…”

    What’s next, a new bullet-proof vest brand brought to us by the National Rifle Association or maybe a new cholesterol lowering medication launched by McDonald’s?

  3. Stop predicting then! You’re scaring us DR. Jeez they may be working on the Narcotic Institute of Health Sciences right now…

  4. Obviously, the hundreds of millions will go to pay for retrieval of all the GOOD DATA that they requisitioned, and then promptly ignored.

    Nestle has the reach to do some good, but I still remember the debacle surrounding their tactics to increase baby formula market share in Africa, in the face of knowledge that women there were diluting the heck out of the powder to make it last longer, thereby depriving generations of children of sufficient nutrients. Thousands actually stopped nursing in the belief that formula was better for their babies.

    Hmmmm ….

  5. Several large food manufacturers tried to create a campaign last year called Smart Choices. Foods that held the checkmark included sugar-laden cereals like Froot Loops, Cocoa Krispies, Fudgsicle bars and mayonnaise.

    Thankfully, Smart Choices program came to an end from public, state and federal pressure. Food Manufacturers can purchase the “heart healthy” logo from the AHA for most any product – for a sizable fee. That’s another practice that need scrutiny. We so trust the AHA’s advice yet they received many, many millions in funding each year from various pharmaceutical companies.

    Consumers have power. Bloggers and health activists do, too! Keep writing!

  6. Sure the big one must act more responsibly. First they sell their trash get rich and now? O My “our population is dying we better make a plan”

    Yes Corporates you better do something your customers are dying!!!

    Just wondering how much preservatives is going to be used in their “new” science food?

    For me? Ill stick with the raw vegies, fruits and home made products as far as possible.

  7. […] you probably don’t think about Pepsi Co.But….you will.Big companies like Pepsi and Nestle are betting a lot of money on the growth potential of food products that bridge the gap between […]

  8. Nestle is not an American company therefore they are committed to doing what is right. Like Japanese car manufacturers that make electric or hydrogen vehicles they are moving in the right direction. It doesn’t excuse the past but it does bode well for the future. For those who think they will “fudge” the numbers or mislead the stockholders remember, think without your North American Cynic hat for a second. Life is very very different in the rest of the world, more so in Switzerland.

  9. They’re all at it and Nestle are just the tip of the iceberg: the same brand that brings you your organic sulfate free shampoo? owned by the company L’oreal who make just about every man made shampoo going. The ‘hand made’ Pret sarnie your eating with your custom blend ‘real’ coffee and with all leftovers going to the homeless shelters? Owned by Mc Donalds, the same company who are as in-your-face brassy pre-made/off the shelf as they come…and don’t even get me started on fashion and the high street!

    Fact is today its the multi-national company fat cats who own everything, not even the banks anymore. So many of the decent things which usually requires intelligence to want or to purchase or is so ‘abnormal’ its seen as a neiche market is last on the list when it comes to being purchased, leaving owners of these brands running cap in hand to the multi-nationals and begging for funding. They sell their brand, their signature is then changed to “owned by this brand” and we forget that the brand isn’t made and created by a few people sitting in an office, its owned by a few or one big greedy fat cat who has probably never seen the creation process of any one product from its actual origin let alone been there to witness it going from the drawing board to shop floor! Its more likely they sit and reap the rewards of their investment somewhere on a cruise ship near Barbados!

    Just because something healthy is owned by Nestle doesn’t mean its been created by the same people as the exact same fat enducing diabeties attack on a stick, just means there is one fat cat out there who has zero principals and you know what?: Doesn’t suprize me!

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