Results v.s. Dogma

Being a big fitness geek, I spend an inordinate amount of time researching anything & everything fitness.

And over the years, I have come up with some fairly solid opinions on what I perceive are the best ways to get fit, strong, lean, etc.

  • I believe that the cardio junkies at your gym could really use a dose of HIIT / Tabata / HIRT training.
  • I believe that the Paleo Diet is fantastic for both your health & your love handles
  • I believe that mobility training is more important than flexibility training.
  • I believe that lifting heavy stuff is good for everyone.
  • I believe in challenging yourself
  • I believe in having fun while I exercise
  • I believe that most exercise machines suck
  • I believe that movements are more important than muscles

However, I also believe that results are more important than dogma.

  • If my super-amazing Paleo Diet isn’t giving you the body that you want, make some changes.
  • If months of nausea inducing Tabata workouts isn’t helping to lower your way-too-high blood pressure, then throw in some long, slow, boring cardio.
  • If your knees fill with fluid after each & every squat workout….stop doing squats.

In essence, if your goals & your actions don’t match up, you are left with two options.

  1. Change your goals
  2. Change your actions.

For example…

Recently, I have been entertaining the idea of competing in one of these Tough Guy races.

And after discussing the race with my two (2) surgically reconstructed knees, we concluded that I am going to need to shed a whole lot of muscle mass and improve my cross country running technique if I want my knees to survive this thing.

So, starting this week, I changed my workout to include more long distance cardio.

And because my knees aren’t up to an hour of running, I began by using this quasi elliptical/jogging machine we have at the gym. It’s easy on the knees & it comes pretty close to mimicking a true running motion.

New Goals : New Workout

Unfortunately, it also caused some of my workout buddies to freak out.

The sight of me grinding out the miles on my human-sized hamster wheel was enough to actually make some of them upset.

Seriously…it was weird.

It was like I had betrayed some sort of unspoken agreement to never do any form of endurance training.