Your New Celebrity Trainer: Perez Hilton

Health Habits is waving the white flag of surrender.

Because today, I learned that Celebrity Trainer to the Stars Perez Hilton has launched his own health / fitness / weight loss / celebrity gossip website –

And just how is tiny little Health Habits supposed to compete against Perez and his vast knowledge of health & fitness?

I’m screwed.

And it’s not just me.

After speaking with Drs Oz, Mercola & Weil, all three have confirmed to me that they will also be shutting down their practices, their websites and their tv shows.

It’s like when WalMart opens a store in a little town and all of the local stores end up out of business.

You can’t compete against WalMart & you can’t compete against uber-Fitness Guru Perez Hilton.





  1. You are funny! On a more serious note, check out that goofy mugshot on the video above. Who are you gonna trust?

  2. Let not your heart me troubled my friend! People are WAY more likely to pick who they follow for fitness based on the size of the person’s biceps, not their mouth. Could this guy be any more of a waste of space? In his mugshot he looks like he’s thinking “Does this Justin Bieber haircut make me look fat?”

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