Thin Women Earn Fat Paychecks

A Blueprint for Financial Success: Thin Wife marries Fat Husband

According to the latest research, your financial success is partially determined by your bodyfat percentage.

Researchers found that very thin women, (25 lbs less than average) earned on average $15,572 a year more than women of normal weight. Continuing with this trend, those relatively underpaid normal weight women earned on average $13,847 more than their overweight (25 lbs above average) sisters.

And if we extrapolate, we can conclude that very thin women would earn on average $29,419 more than overweight women.

What about the men?

In a strange Bizarro-world turn of events, male bodyweight also affects earning potential, but in a different way.

Thin men earned $8,437 less than normal weight men.

Larger men earned even more than normal weight men.

Up to a point.

Once the fellas started tipping the scales at more than 207 lbs, their pay cheque started taking a hit just like their female co-workers.

The moral of this story?

Prejudice is alive and well in 2010.



  1. This is just such a disgrace. The stereotypes attached to fat people (even by physicians!) are shameful. But I had no idea that (as usual, I guess) it’s bad only for women! i wonder if it’s works only for slightly overweight (as majority of high officials anywhere have a bit of belly) or obese as well.

  2. Correlation and causality are NOT the same thing.

    One of the biggest factors for success is future time orientation i.e. forgoing present gratification for future gain.

    A woman decides “am I gonna have that doughut or do I want to look good in six months” and “am I gonna study for that degree or am I gonna go out and party”. People with high future orientation tend to be thinner and richer.

    I don’t think people say, he’s too fat – let’s pay him less.

    The fact that it’s different for men may simply reflect that appearance is less important for men. They know that they could go to the gym, but sitting and snacking at their desks is more financially rewarding (and people care less if their a bit overwight). Being very overweight for a man is a clear indication of low future orientation.

    Regarding this as (for women or v. fat men) advice to “get thin and earn more” is probably not useful.

  3. Wow, PeterB. As a woman who is overweight and who also just finished her master’s degree in mechanical engineering, I’m pretty offended right now.

  4. Brit,

    The original posting was based on statistical information with – most likely – many outliers i.e. obese female millionaires and really skinny but successful men.

    The basic premise, of course, is that the financial outcomes of being obese (or really skinny or grossly obese for men) are the result of prejudice. My point was that given that body composition is largely caused by behavioural factors and we know that income is heavily influenced by behavioural factors, why not look for a single cause for both before screaming “prejudice!”

    So, you’re outside the normal range in that you’re overwight and have, I assume given your qualification level, high future time orientation in that you have studied when you could have been relaxing. So what?

    Statistical arguments are about trends in behaviour. If I had posted that I was an employer who had an obese female employee on the board of directs of 500k a year and was offended because I’m clearly not prejudiced it wouldn’t have meant anything. The statistical trends would still be there irrespective of my declaration and would still need an explanation.

    Why is a proposing a possible cause for a statistical phenomena which acknowledges peoples responsibility for their own situations offensive to you? Why do you feel you need to take this personally.

  5. You know guys, all this “thin” obsession isn’t giving women much incentive to have a child. Men can’t understand the enourmous changes a woman’s body goes through to gestate another human being. It’s seems to me that popular culture is telling us stay thin or lose your mate. Rule of thumb, don’t get pregnant and risk having an adult figure.

  6. Love don’t cost a thing! always tru! don’t hide your feelings just cause someone is fat, but don’t bear everything of fat people cause they know very well to hide truth behind the scenese, just because they were fat.

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