Who is your favorite health / fitness blogger?


The health & fitness blogosphere is full of inventive, creative minds.

Unfortunately, most of them are virtually unknown.

These great health & fitness bloggers just don’t have the money or the name-brand recognition to ever rank on the first page on any Google Search.

And that’s a shame.

Because I learn more every day from my favorite bloggers than I have ever learned from the mainstream health & fitness sites. And yet, when the “best of the web” contests are held, the awards always go to the big guys.

And I would like to change that.

But, I need your help.

Send me the addresses for any & all of your favorite health & fitness bloggers.

If you want to add some details as to why you think they’re so great, go right ahead. I will be contacting each of them and I will pass on your kind words.

What will I do with your recommendations?

  1. I will be running a “best of the blogosphere” kind of post based upon your suggestions.
  2. I will also try to help your favorite bloggers increase their visibility (and their traffic) via social media and inclusion into the Hive Health Media blog network.

In the last couple of months, Hive Health Media has begun to take off. All of the contributing authors are seeing increased traffic and as soon as we can enroll them into our network…they will actually be seeing real money coming into their bank accounts.

So, please…let me know who your favorite health & fitness bloggers are.

You will be doing them a big favor and that’s pretty cool.

So, leave their urls in the comment section below.



  1. http://www.vegetarianrunner.com/

    It’s a great site, full of useful information and tips on any type of running from short to long distance and getting the right nutrition from a vegetarian diet. To me, it’s my first stop when I’m looking for information. You can also follow on Twitter at or @Veggie_Runner

    Would be delighted if you could add her to your list and publicise the blog as she deserves some credit for the work she puts in



  2. Rusty at Fitnessblackbook.com

    Martin at leangains.com

    JC at JCDfitness.com

    Jason Ferrugia at JasonFerrugia.com

    All provide great information and always have new articles up.

  3. I vote for LeighPeele.com. Leigh peele is a trainer and researcher for the people. No BS attitude and solid research information.

  4. Martin Berkhan of Leangains.com– Straightforward, (brutally) honest intermittent fasting consultant. He interprets a lot of new scientific research for readers and actively defends his approach (rather than dismissing arguments against it).

  5. Ok so i felt the need to post since all the blogs that have been posted were garbage. Martin Berkhan of http://www.leangains.com and alan aragon of alanaragon.com are the best. Also, weightology.net and bodyrecomposition.com but i don’t know if those qualify as blogs.

  6. Martin Berkhan, the all year ripped IF expert shares his very liberal and no bullshit approach to training and nutrition with the leangains protocol.

  7. Martin Berkhan at http://www.leangains.com has been my greatest source of inspiration and information the last years.
    He’s most know for being a guru in intermittent fasting. He has a “no bull shit” approach and fights bro’ science all over the web. He regularly posts new articles and studies on twitter and facebook as well.

  8. so far the site I’ve been on the most would be leangains.com great site with interesting research topics and transformations

  9. In my opinion, these people are the hierarchy of fitness and nutrition. They are proprietors of the truth and their writing is just fun to read and informative anyways.

    Martin Berkhan (www.leangains.com)
    Alan Aragon (www.alanaragonblog.com)

    I suggest following Martin’s IF protocol along with some reverse pyramid training if you want to look amazing 24/7 with no distress.

    *Other noteworthy bloggers…


  10. Martin Berkhan of Leangains.com

    Knows what he’s talking about. Provides an approach to fitness that is at the same honest (no bs) and practical.

    I was already thin by most standards, but I’ve been on his plan for a few months and have made very considerable progress, after trying many other eating plans with negligible results.

  11. Martin Berkhan at leangains.com always steps up and brings it, If you enjoy a non-bullshit approch to nutrition and science you should seriously check martins page! Intermittent fasting for life!!

  12. Martin Berkhan, is by far in my opinion the best! He does not just throw information on his blog but, puts in time. This info is always backed with research and results. His results are phenomenal. I have witnesses these results in my own training & eating. His research takes us away from what we have learned to be true over the past few or many years and totally changes it up. I have learned a entire new way of eating and training but, it has been well worth the time. Thanks to Martin for changing my life!!

  13. Roman by far has the best information I can find, its not only informative but put out in a way everyone can understand and connect with

  14. I’d like to nominate Martin Berkhan @ http://www.leangains.com/2010/04/leangains-guide.html

    His blogs are always fun to read as they include humour, his opinions and facts that are backed up by science. He also doesn’t shy away from arguing his side of what he believes and/or promotes which is very encouraging to the readers

    I would put forwards Alan Aragon also as his blogs are always entertaining and educational (like with Martin)
    @ http://www.alanaragonblog.com/

    I feel they are both assets to the fitness community

  15. http://www.leangains.com

    Website of nutritional consultant, magazine writer and personal trainer Martin Berkhan dedicated to his personal approach to intermittent fasting, which in his own words “shatters peoples preconceived notions on how to eat for muscle gain and fat loss.”

    Best thing about the website is the amount of research Martin uses to convey his arguments and the before and after client photographs speak for themselves!

    Should be the first port of call for anyone interesting in IF, building muscle or losing fat!

  16. Without a doubt Martin Berkhams blog leangains.com, by a mile!
    I also like Lyle Mc Donald (which is where I found out about Berkham in the first place.
    But Lyle has a forum and a normal web page and I’m not sure if I want to call it a blog(but its great too).
    (Lyle actually wrote a “pre-historic” kind of blog which I remember (in around 97-98 or something) which was about his “ketogenic diet adventures” :-).

    Both are anyways really based around lots of research articles(especially Lyles), so if you are scientifically minded it’s like christmas day for you.

    Martins Blog is essentially his own take on Intermittent Fasting where you basically eat for eight hours and fast for sixteen. But it’s finely tuned with cycling of macronutrients, timing of meals, supplements etc (pre/post training and so on).

    His take on the diet and advice is really easy to follow. Less problems with hunger, more time to do other stuff (when you don’t have to prepare meals all the time).
    Probably won’t suit all people, but for me it has really opened up my eyes and made me question a lot of “truths” when it comes to the diet/exercise field.

    And it actually work, contrary to all the popular “eat 7-8 small meals all day long till you puke” diets (made popular by the chemically enhanced bodybuilders in all the magazines of the past).
    A lot of Martins post are really amusing and he has an open mind and he is very good at analyzing things.
    He is also very good at explaining some topic that may seem very complex for some.
    The blog is updated quite frequently and besides the usual success stories, there are fun posts about his own IF-life, book reviews, loads of reports and comments/analysis about new studies.
    In my own view, the most interesting and well written blog out there, right now!

  17. http://www.romanfitnesssystems.com

    John Romaniello is a former fat kid who overcame it all and became the fitness blogger/guru I respect the most (along with Nate Green, of course.) As a former fat kid myself, he not only is incredibly easy to relate to, he’s funny as hell and speaks to the inner nerd in all of us (he reads fantasy novels and used to play D&D. May not help my case, but I’m an RPG nerd as well.). The guy absolutely knows what’s talking about, and is on of the best writers I’ve ever come across. Thanks to his advice I’ve made some pretty awesome progress.

    Did I mention he’s hilarious?

  18. Martin at Leangains.com has a wealth of science backed info. His method of intermittent fasting has changed my life.

  19. robbwolf.com

  20. Roman is the best. Has the perfect mixture of science and experience at his finger tips. I like that he isn’t one of the gurus will lab coat on just “reading studies”. He actually looks the part and gives results. On the plus side he is funny and down to earth.


  21. […] Be heard! Visit the original post at Health Habits and share your opinion about your favorite blogger in this niche. Amplify’d from http://www.healthhabits.ca […]

  22. John “Roman” Romaniello from romanfitnesssystems…. smart, walks the walk, funny as fumble, and always, always highly entertaining.

  23. John Romaniello is a former fat kid who overcame it all and became the fitness blogger/guru I respect the most (along with Nate Green, of course.) As a former fat kid myself, he not only is incredibly easy to relate to, he’s funny as hell and speaks to the inner nerd in all of us (he reads fantasy novels and used to play D&D. May not help my case, but I’m an RPG nerd as well.). The guy absolutely knows what’s talking about, and is on of the best writers I’ve ever come across. Thanks to his advice I’ve made some pretty awesome progress.

    Also, I heard he can cut watermelons in half with his mind.

  24. +1 on Berkhan and McDonald, should also mention Alan Aragon. These guys really know their stuff and don’t just follow and perscribe the latest fads.

  25. By following the advice of Martin Berkhan of Leangains.com, I have taken my training and body composition to new levels, so he gets my vote. Lyle McDonald gets second place – the man is incredibly knowledgeable, but I feel that Martin’s blog posts tend to be more directly practically applicable.

  26. Martins blog for sure. Always has the proof to back up his claims, has made an amazing transformation himself and is helping others to change their lives. Also throws up so awesome cheesecake eating skills.

  27. Martin Berkhan http://www.leangains.com

    Martin takes the cake for sure. He runs the most informative, accurate, and entertaining blog in regards to intermittent fasting and muscle building. How can you not love a blog with a post titled ‘Cheesecake Mastery’?!

    He has a very ‘no BS’ approach when it comes to his blog posts and answering questions, but also has the guts to admit if he is wrong about something (as rare as that is).

    This guy has forever changed the way I look at diet and fitness.

  28. Another vote for Martin Berkhan at http://www.leangains.com. He turned me on to low-volume, high-intensity training (and Stuart McRobert’s book on the topic), intermittent fasting, and has helped me become less obsessive, waste less time eating 5-6 meals/day and training for too long.

    JC Deen at JCDfitness.com is also great. Awesome articles about the psychology and reality of “clean eating” recently.

  29. JC (of jcdfitness.com) consistently tells it like it is with simple, no-bull advice that is based on research and fact. He’s great at simplifying what can often seem overwhelming and his style and delivery make his posts a pleasure to read.

    This guy rocks my world! Thumbs up.

  30. Martin Berkhan, for many great articles, showing me the unnecessity of eating 5-6 meals each day to gain muscle and writing about the many advantages of Intermittent Fasting.

  31. According to me the best blogger is without a doubt Martin Berkhan. His blogg is filled with awesome information and well written articles. If you haven’t payed a visit to his blogg yet, you’ve really missed out on something great. http://www.leangains.com/
    I haven’t yet crossed any blogg that I even can compare it with, Martin Berkhan surely is the King when it comes to nutrition and traning.

  32. Rusty Moore has an awesome, common sense approach to fitness and life balance. Fitness Blackbook is a must read for those dedicated to healthy living.

  33. My favorite fitness blog is Fun and Fit with Kymberly and Alexandra. That is because it is just so much fun. I need to exercise, but I need to laugh too!

  34. JC, overall nice guy and his only fault is he likes Cap’n Crunch WITH berries.

    Martin site is the goto place for IF. Be warned, he has an irrational love of cheesecake.


    Lyle. Nuff said, except he’s probably the one guy here who could give a crap whether people like his site or not.


    Matt, guy you probably just want to pound beers with after a squatting session


    Alan, the cut of his jib is just right to make the final cut on my list. And word on the street is he has a super secret thing coming out. He is also the guy I would most like to eat some chicharron burros with.


  35. @trainerTRISH’s fitness blog is AWESOME and is the first site I check out every morning to help motivate and inspire my day! Trish’s “BEAUTIFUL BODY BISTRO” is the perfect combination of body image / healthy mind tips, fitness inspiration (she’s an ironman triathlete) and real life advice on how to make every aspect of my life healthy.

  36. Number 1 has to be the Go to Guru Himself, Lyle Macdonald. Close second is Alan Aragon. JCD has helped me immensely and Math Perryman basically changed the lives of my female clients with his article on female physique training and nutrition.If you are a female and you want real concise info as regards what you need to be doing, trust me and go to ampedtraining.com and check for the article.I am currently doing IF right now so of course, for my personal nutrition, Martin Berkhan is the man(but he already knows that)

  37. Martin Berkhan at http://www.leangains.com gets my vote! If you’re lucky enough to become one of his clients you’ll be given a top notch training and nutrition program. His blog has the most researched information on IF on the web!

  38. Favorite health blogger… ME!

    I am dedicated to spreading the word how important it is to eat right and manage your weight. This is my plan of choice as it fits my lifestyle. And it takes you on baby steps so that you can change gradually, stick with it and make it a lifelong habit.

    forgot the “info” in the last post… oops! I was so excited…

  39. 14 months IF’ing and counting… NEVER, EVER going back to kindergarten sized meals. I’m the only Nutrition and Food Science student from my generation who does not eat breakfast. And, BTW, 1st of the class. I know correlation does not mean causation, but… anyway, Martin Berkhan FTW!


    The “anti-social” genius himself. Ironically, when it comes to nutrition, McDonald is the name. If this was not ironical enough, I’m voting him as one of the best fitness bloggers, though, in his own words, his “is not a f****** blog, it’s a website!”:


    This site is relatively new, but it’s been a goldmine in order to support my views against nutritional dogma, now that I’m formally studying a Nutrition degree. YES, BS like animal-protein-is-bad,-animal-fat-will-kill-your-heart,-eat-9-10-portions-of-grains-every-day is still what we are taught as PROFESSIONALS. Thank you for the enlightment, James (Krieger).


    Worth mentioning: Alan Aragon’s blog http://www.alanaragonblog.com/

  40. Besides all the brilliant people who were mentioned, I’d like to mention Rusty Moore of fitnessblackbook.com, Ben Bruno at benbruno.blogspot.com, who’s really put up some exceptional content, Tony Gentilcore at tonygentilcore.com, Brian St. Pierre from brianstpierre.com and Bret Contreras at brettcontreras.com. I’d also like to mention John Alvino at johnalvino.com and John Romaniello from romanfitnesssystems.com.

    As far as straight-talking goes, Leigh Peele from leighpeele.com is the absolute forerunner. I also want to give a shout-out to Eric Moss from ericmoss.com. He’s one of the best bloggers and is extremely helpful.

    Finally, the best for the last – JC Dean from jcdfitness.com. I have a lot of respect for him and he’s someone I can call a friend, though we haven’t met before.

  41. http://www.leangains.com Martin Berkhan!


    http://www.bodyrecomposition.com Lyle McDonald!

    Have tremendous respect for both of them for taking down all the bull $%!7 nutrition and training info that has been hurting the fitness industry. Been applying the lean gains approach for 5 months now with about 10 lbs lost breaking a previous plateau of not being able to get under 159lbs (now at 156lbs).

  42. Hey, I’ve read Health Habits for a long time…

    It’s one of my favorites because the content is interesting (topical/timely), provides brutally honesty opinions with a humorous flavor,and provides accurate info/great tips.

    Since we started a blog network together, that would make my opinion look biased.

  43. Martin Berkhan at leangains is, by far, my favorite fitness blogger. Martin is informative, honest and and entertaining. He’s the real deal. Can’t wait for his book.

  44. Fitness Diaries is the real deal.It addresses the much neglected need for fitness in women over 50. It inspires and empowers older women to ignore the age number and just concentrate on healthy eating and a healthy attitude. Atania Gilmore is wonderful! I look forward to reading her blogs every week.

  45. Our (very new)blog is my favorite! We have a fresh and realistic approach which speaks to a huge range of people. Our mission is simple, to motivate, encourage and boost women’s confidence levels through the roof!

  46. Come check out the IFPA website!! we’ve added a host of new products and many continuing education courses. Sign up for IFPA Fitbits to receive updates about new certifications and articles on health and fitness news at….www.ifpa-fitness.com/Fitnews-HTML/fitness_signup.htm

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