Do NOT Attempt This Workout


Seriously…do not attempt this workout.

I designed it for a buddy of mine who has 35 days to melt off 20 lbs of body-fat while simultaneously maximizing his strength, speed, agility and anaerobic endurance.

It’s a bad ass workout designed for a bad ass guy who has decided to test himself by sparring with 15 other bad ass guys over the span of a brutal 60-90 minutes.

Kind of like when Neo fought all those Agent Smiths in the second Matrix movie….but without any cgi.

So, unless you consider yourself a serious bad ass – Do NOT attempt this workout.


The Workout

Weeks 1-2

Power Workouts

  • 2 x per week
  • 5 sets of 5 reps for 5 exercises using a weight that you could max 10 reps
  • big compound movements –  chins/rows/cable snap downs/overhead press/clean/snatch/bench press – resisted pushup/zercher squat
  • each rep performed as fast & powerfully as possible

Note – I will be posting an article detailing this workout tomorrow.

HIRT Workouts

HIIT Workouts

  • 2 x per week
  • 20-30 min per workout
  • alternate between 10:20, 20:40 and 15:45 HIIT sprint protocols

Neural Activation/Recharge Workouts

Low intensity cardio

  • Daily
  • 30-60 min walk after dinner

Recovery Techniques

  • Daily – post-workout  Contrast Showers and/or Ice massage
  • 1 x per week – Massage
Even Jack Burton would be afraid of this workout.