Sundried Tomato Pesto Grilled Lamb

I’ve done a few recipes in the past highlighting the versatility of pesto. Here I made the not so familiar version with sun dried tomatoes and spinach. Yep, you heard me right!

Pesto is one of those sauces/marinades that works well with a lot of different foods including seafood and of course meat. It’s also delicious on vegetables and makes a perfect accompaniment to any and all vegetarian dishes (skip the cheese and it becomes vegan). Sometimes I like to grill up some seasonal veggies or since winter’s here, just saute or roast some and when they’re cooked simply toss them in a little pesto and you’re sorted. Because the veggies are still warm they’ll absorb all the pesto flavour. Try it, it’s goooood.

TIP: I’d say plan your meal using pesto on one (not all) of the components. If you use the pesto on both your protein and veg in the same sitting it might be overkill for the ol’ palate.

Serving Suggestion: Roast a selection of seasonal veggies from your local farmers market and you’re good to go.

Below photo: Brussels Sprouts, Parsley Root, Sunchokes, Baby carrots.

Roasted Root Vegetables

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  1. I have always found that lamb is a bit fattier than other kinds of meat and because of that my wife is always nervous to buy it. I would bet that grilling it would help

  2. Thanks a lot for this recipe. I looooove lamb, maybe I can show this recipe to my wife so she can make it this Thanksgiving =)

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