Attention Lazy Bastards

According to Dr. Leslie Alford, regular exercise is the second most important thing that you can possibly do to avoid dying from:

In a meta-analysis of the current research, Dr. Alford found that “how long people live and how healthy they are depends on a complex mix of factors, including their lifestyle, where they live and even luck.”

“Individuals have an element of control over some of these factors, including obesity, diet, smoking and physical activity.”

So, unless you enjoy looking like crap, feeling like crap, enduring chemotherapy treatments and most likely dying waaaayyyy to early, get off your couch and do some exercise.

And FYI, the number one most important lifestyle change is to quit smoking. Especially when you exercise.


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10 thoughts on “Attention Lazy Bastards

  1. Wow, that picture really will give me scars for life heh. I try to exercise 3 days a week, but it’s mostly bodybuilding. I know aerobic exercise is essential for the lungs too, but it doesn’t get me the ladies.. so what can I do? *sighs*

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  3. LOL Love it! gotta love a writer who chooses a bold title LOL that pic sends shivers up my spine though! good reminder the next time I even consider for a second skipping a workout!

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