British Government Sells Out to the Fast Food Industry

As part of it’s continuing effort to destroy it’s healthcare system, the British government has invited fast food companies including McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken to help write government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease.

In addition to Ronald and the Colonel, representatives from PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, Unilever, Mars and Diageo are also among the businesses that have been asked to contribute to the five ‘responsibility deal’ networks set up by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.

And while the details aren’t expected to be released until the government presents it’s public health white paper in the next few weeks, it’s believed that:

  • the Food Responsibility Deal Network will be chaired by one of the above mentioned companies, while the
  • the Food sub-group on calories is to be chaired by PepsiCo
  • the Behavior Change Responsibility Deal Network is to be chaired by the National Heart Forum
  • the Physical Activity Responsibility Deal Network is to be chaired by the Fitness Industry Association, and
  • the Alcohol Responsibility Deal Network is chaired by the head of the lobby group Wine and Spirit Trade Association


In America, they’re banning the sale of Happy Meals.

In the U.K., they’re asking Ronald McDonald to design national policy on food consumption and obesity.


Is it any wonder why nobody trusts politicians any more?


Note – If any of my U.K. readers would like to express their displeasure over this decision to the british Secretary of Health, Andrew Lansley, here is his contact info.

Constituency Office
153 St Neots Road
CB23 7QJ
Tel: 01954 212 707
Fax: 01954 211 625



  1. Wow, what corruption. Though I am not surprised. When it comes to the government, you never can be surprised at the lack of awareness and the stupidity that occurs.

  2. “the Behavior Change Responsibility Deal Network is to be chaired by the National Heart Forum”
    Yes I like that – that is believable. Hey DR I can do sarcasm too!! 🙂

  3. […] See the original post here: British Government Sells Out to the Fast Food Industry – Health Habit… […]

  4. This is not good news, especially after recent government decisions. They are cutting the sport budget in schools. This combined with more fast food will sky rocket obesity.

  5. It’s hard to imagine why we let our governments have so much power to do stupid things. So is it our fault or our governments fault?

  6. They say that we get the government that we deserve…so I guess it’s OUR fault

  7. As a UK marketer and ex-fitness professional myself I know that the multi-nationals involved will be rubbing their hands in expectation of even more profits. It’s like inviting your neighborhood fox to look after your chickens!

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