No More Birthday Cupcakes for America's Fat Kids


America has a problem with childhood obesity.

It also has a problem with brain-dead nanny-state bureaucracy.

According to the Detroit News, elementary schoolchildren will no longer be allowed to celebrate their birthdays by bringing homemade cupcakes to school.

Instead, they will be allowed to celebrate their birthdays by snacking on raw vegetables and getting an extra 30 minutes of gym class.


birthday dodgeball.


Is it any wonder that kids think all grown-ups suck?



  1. What a joke. If you have to force people to eat healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle, something is severely wrong. Educate people, but dun force them – it’ll just make them want to do the opposite.

  2. Wow, wow, wow. How about we demonize food even more? Do educators and law-makers not understand the dynamic of increasing desire through restriction? Obviously their parents never tried to hide the liquor when they were in high school…

  3. LOL… I’m glad we can pass laws about this kind of stuff and not the serious issues like bring birthday cake to school… Now that’s a major problem hurting America.

  4. I’ve heard that kids don’t play dodgeball anymore, they’re too worried about kids getting hit with the ball (duh). True or false? Can someone with school-aged kids answer that? Is it different here in Canada than the US?

  5. It’s not only about demonizing food or forcing people to live in a certain way. The fact is that there is a problem in America and initiatives like this only work if they are complemented with an entire educational program on nutrition and fitness. The approach is not the best but there is definitely potential. It is at a young age that you learn proper nutrition and whether it is not the school’s job to decide what kids eat or don’t, it is in their hands to help determine a healthier culture. Just imagine if school lunches would adhere to similar principles, a good educational campaign with positive eating initiatives.

  6. It’s not just a poor diet which is making kids fat, it is lack of physical exercise which has been caused my video games and the Internet.
    Kids need to start playing out more and burning off those excess calories.

  7. I can understand both sides of this, but in the end I believe it’s a good decision. Sure, the kids and the parents might be a little upset about the lack of cupcakes, but the school is doing what they can to combat a rising problem (childhood obesity). At this point, schools lose either way in the media because they are either serving crappy fatty foods every day for lunch and people scream for them to offer healthier options, or they make changes like this and people scream for them to butt out and let the kids eat whatever they want.

  8. How sad. I always loved baking with my grandmother or with my father when it was time for one of us kids to have a birthday in school. We took great pride in our homebaked goodies!
    But then again… we played outside – a LOT and weren’t chunky lil tech addicted brats either.

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