Mainstream Medicine is Insane

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

If this definition is true, then I have to conclude that mainstream medicine is insane.

Insane because even though our modern lifestyle is the single biggest threat to our health and vitality…our medical experts keep dispensing the same tired lifestyle advice.

  • Low intensity cardio 2-3 x per week
  • Reduce your calories
  • Eat less fat

And yet, as a species, we keep getting fatter and weaker and sicker.

All the while, there are outlier theories producing amazing results….while being ignored and/or disparaged by the  “experts”.

  • New dietary theories
  • New psychological theories
  • New pharmacological theories
  • New exercise theories
  • New spiritual theories

And while most of these new theories will most likely turn out to be just as ineffective as our love affair with everything fat free, aren’t we doing ourselves a disservice by not investigating each of them with an open yet critical mind?



  1. Nice post! I do believe even mainstream medicine plays its part, how else would we have rebelled and learned the right way to do things?

    Amazing picture btw haha

  2. Oh, no, my friend — medical mainstream ‘experts’ know exactly what they’re doing — the more time and money put into innovative, but amazingly successful novel theories and programs, the less time, attention, and FUNDING(ie — MONEY), the fuddy-duddy, ineffective, medical medical mainstream ‘experts’ get. Take it from an insider — they are all on the unfit, poor lifestyle ‘gravy train’. How else would their fancy practices, high malpractice insurances, and exhorbitant school loans on top of the homes, cars, and THEIR lifestles be floated?

  3. You are probably right in saying that these “new” theories will end up being ineffective and I do agree they are worth exploring anyway. I also think the reason why we keep getting fatter and sicker is because a healthy living has yet to resonate in the American lifestyle, and this requires some serious educational campaigns.

  4. I think what you are referring to in this post as the “experts” are just the word of mouth or women’s magazine advice way of a “healthy lifestyle”. Anybody who has actually tried to lead a healthier life and does even a relatively small amount of research will see how flawed those tips are.

  5. Hey, less calories (actually, more chicken and less fries and pizza is a better advise) and more exercise does help. Problem is, 60% of the peoples won’t do it, thus we have an escalating obesity epidemic.

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