Get Rich Selling Fitness Equipment on TV

A few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep so I crept out of bed, flipped on the tv and was introduced to the Bas Rutten Body Action System.

And like the vast majority of sleep deprived zombies watching late night infomercials, I was intrigued by the claims of a “Way Better Workout in Way Less Time”.

Luckily for my bank account, I still had a few functioning brain cells and I decided to do a little research on the B.A.S. before I gave them my credit card number.

So, I went to the BAS website….where I found out that the Deluxe model was going to cost me $569.99 CDN + tax.


Being of Scottish (ie frugal…ie cheap) heritage, I decided to look for a more cost effective option.

First, I checked with some martial arts buddies of mine. After they stopped laughing at me, they recommended a wall mounted unit called the Focusmaster. Problem is, the Focusmaster cost $800 USD. OUCH again.

Next, I found this BAS clone unit called the MMATT being sold at those Showcase “as seen on TV” stores. For $299.99 CDN + taxes. Alright, $299.99 is more like it.

But why is it so much cheaper than the original BAS – Body Action System?

Looking for that answer, I contacted the BAS people and asked them about this unit being sold at Showcase.

They aren’t happy with the MMATT. We’re talking lawsuits and expensive lawyers kind of unhappy.

In their humble opinion, the quality of the MMATT is inferior to the BAS unit. We’re talking patent infringement. We’re talking big smelly coal powered Chinese sweatshops.

This piqued my interest even more. I decided to look for the manufacturers of the knockoff BAS/MMATT units.

And I found a whole bunch of them…and the average cost for these straight from the manufacturer is around $50 USD per unit with a 50 unit minimum purchase.

Of course, I don’t need 50 units and I would have to pay duty, customs fees and brokerage charges on top of the taxes and delivery. And considering that I don’t have a clue how to do all this stuff, I would probably end up costing myself a whole lot of time, money & aggravation.

But it got me thinking…if these units were of the same quality as the BAS, there is a lot of money to be made selling these things.

Buy for $50 and sell for $569.99.

Or even if you’re selling for the MMATT price of $299.99 – that’s a difference of $249.99

And when you consider how many late night tv watchers get sucked in by those infomercials….you realize how much money can be made selling these exercise gizmos.

So, who wants to get rich selling fitness equipment on tv?



  1. It’s amazing the crap people sell–what’s more amazing is the crap people will buy hoping to get fit quick! I see so many gadgets in the thrift store that have been idle in peoples basements or closets–Tony Little Gazelles, cheapo weight benches, all manner of step gadgets and ab machines–how many thigh masters have they sold?

  2. Wow! This sounds pretty cool. I actually run a boxing class once a week for me and a couple friends this would be a great tool! I could probably off a few of these. Would you be interested in going halves on offing 50 of them?

  3. Hey Doug, great stuff. Marketing can be pretty expensive, of course, so that’s the hard part. Buying all of those long-form infomercial TV slots ain’t cheap.

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  5. […] trainer and author extraordinaire of Health Habits, teaches us about how much money can be made selling exercise gizmos to […]

  6. I was just going to say what Jarret has already mentioned. Cost of the commercials would cut back on your profits a lot. Here in Oz all commercials are very expensive. The mark up is whopping isn’t it??!! Interesting article, thanks for sharing with us Doug.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. I lived in Scotland for several years — loved it!

    Do you know why there are so many hills in Scotland?

    Many many many many years ago, one Scotsman lost one penny.

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