The Douchebag Workout

We, as a species, have reached a new low.

Is there a worse exercise video than this?



  1. LIKE

    This makes me sick to my stomach thinking that they are consumers out there under the impression he is some sort of reliable source??!!


    That’s why they make the ‘Darwin Awards’ I guess.

  2. Ok, I hate to say this because he really does come off like an annoying douche, but as far as the actual exercises go, they don’t seem that bad, except for the curls. I mean, he’s doing plank progressions and crossover pushups. That alone surprised me. Many of his exercises used seem decent, more decent than I expected at least.

  3. It’s not so much the exercises I have a problem with but having to listen to this cocky guy saying his nickname every 30 seconds. That would be torture to watch any more of that.

  4. Oh this is just too stupid not to laugh at. And the sad thing is, people will actually buy this crap.

    Give it about 3 years, maybe we’ll see it on the discount rack @ CVS.

  5. I just barfed in my mouth a little…Actually a lot.
    This guy is such a hack! My Grandma could come up with a better exercise prescription than this Jackass.

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