5 Minutes of Pleasure

What would you give up for 5 minutes of pleasure?

  • Your pride?
  • Your quality of life?
  • Your self-esteem?
  • Your health?

And before your imagination crawls completely down into the gutter, the 5 minutes of pleasure that I am discussing is of a gustatory nature.

I am talking about the visceral lust some people have for their favorite food(s).

Whether their desire is for something sweet or savory, a lot of my clients come to me with an appetite that is completely out of control. And even though their love for cake and cookies and pizza and chocolate has resulted in a fist-full of doctor’s prescriptions, they continue to be slaves to their culinary 5 minutes of pleasure.

Whether their desire for food is caused by stress or low self-esteem or their crappy day at work or one of the other bazillion reasons we use as an excuse to soothe our feelings with food, the result is the same.

  • The food tastes really good,
  • But, we eat it too quickly,
  • So we grab some more,
  • And eat that too quickly,
  • Etc….

Then, thanks to the wonders of our bodies, we get a nice little endorphin rush from the sugar in our food/drug of choice and our crappy day at work doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Unfortunately, in a very short period of time, that endorphin rush wears off and the memory of our crappy day comes rushing back…except now, we also feel extra crappy for having inhaled an entire large pizza.

(Disclosure – pizza was my former food/drug of choice)

So, I ask you again…

What would you give up for 5 minutes of pleasure?

  • Your pride?
  • Your quality of life?
  • Your self-esteem?
  • Your health?



  1. REALLY interesting way of approaching this issue. I love the way you make it seem like it is just a drop in the bucket that one could do without….just to add to this, here’s what I tell my clients: I tell them when they are eating that piece of cake, cookie, pizza, chocolate to stand completely naked in front of a mirror. It helps, if not just the thought alone!

  2. So you never ever ever have pizza?

    I think that’s what gets me–the idea that I’m supposed to cut out these foods that I love and never have them again, for some abstract thing in the future that I may or may not ever reach.

    This way of thinking of it makes sense. I just don’t think I’ll ever have enough willpower to do it.

  3. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I had pizza, but once a week I do break down and eat something decidedly not healthy. And when I do, I make sure to enjoy it’s “badness” 100%. And then I get back to eating healthy.

    Just like they say in AA, don’t think that you can never drink/eat junk food ever again, focus on getting through today. Today, I am not going to drink/eat junk food.

    One day at a time

  4. I remember I once bought a giant Rice Krispie treat bar at the corner store at college when I lived in the dorms. Seriously, it was at least 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. It was Saturday night and I had the munchies. That night and the following morning are not high on my list of good times at college. The carb hangover was single-handedly responsible for my staying in bed until football games started that afternoon.

  5. My Food/Drug of choice is candy. But I can’t remember the last time I actually bought a bag of skittles, M&Ms, or other convenience store crack. I’m glad that guy is gone now.

  6. The ‘high’ that I get from NOT giving in is MUCH greater than the times when I used to soothe myself with all kinds of junk foods — sweet, salty, greasy, creamy, you name it. Even fancy ‘haute cuisine’ delicacies that are laden with fat and sugar are also ‘junk’ even though for years I convinced myself I was just a ‘foodie, thus these foods were fine, even gave me some ‘panache’ and class for enjoying them. Ha! It’s ok to enjoy them TRULY, but, OCCASIONALLY! Eating wholesome, healthy, and sensibly — watching my nutrients and controlling my portions and staying away from calorie,fat, and sugar laden foods is THE BEST!

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