How to Lose Weight during Christmas without turning into Ebenezer Scrooge

After posting my “Is Paleo + Intermittent Fasting the Ultimate Diet for Guys?” article last week, I have received a flood of emails with all sorts of qualifying questions and clarifications.

One of those emailers told me that he plans to use this diet, along with my workouts to lose weight over the Christmas holidays…without abstaining from any of his holiday get togethers.

While I think he’s nuts, I admired his chutzpah and offered to help him out with some online support…if he was willing to follow a few requirements.

  1. Pre-select his 8 hour eating window to correspond to his party schedule
  2. Eat 100% Paleo at each non-party meal
  3. Plan out all his non-party meals for the week
  4. Agree to a modified non-Scroogian dietary approach to holiday parties. This approach simply requires him to eat a plate of “real Paleo food” before diving into the cake, cookies, egg nog, booze & candy
  5. Supplement daily with 2 servings of green food, BCAAs during his fast and a handful of digestive enzymes before gorging on Christmas party food.
  6. Photograph everything he eats before he eats it – this will serve as a visual diary and as an emotional eating disconnect.
  7. Measure weight, BF% and various body circumferences every week for the duration of the festivus.
  8. Report back to me every week and allow me to write about his progress / lack of progress.


So, do you think our little guinea pig can lose weight during Christmas without turning into an Ebenezer Scrooge-like diet obsessed party pooper?