Toronto Health & Fitness Friday #4

Winter has come to Toronto…and you have two options.

  1. Hibernate
  2. Get outside and enjoy winter in Toronto

For those of you that choose the second option, Toronto has 51 outdoor, compressor-cooled ice rinks.

Click on the map to see a pdf version and/or click on this link to check on the open/closed status of your favorite rink.

On another note, earlier this week I contacted the new Toronto city government about a plan I have for using public facilities and private money to create a system of free (or nearly free) mini-health clubs all around the city.

I have heard back from the Board of Health and am currently in the process of putting together a written proposal for their review. No word yet from the other committees (Community Development and Recreation, Parks & Environment or my local councilor) but considering how busy they are right now, I’m not surprised.

I will keep you updated as to my progress


Note – If anyone out there knows of any other city governments who have been successful in improving access to health & fitness resources for their citizens, please leave a comment/link/etc…