3 Tips to Avoid A Christmas Party Pig-Out

I have been seeing a ton of these “how-to survive a Christmas Party” articles the past few weeks…and they all stink.

It’s the same old unrealistic advice about eating a “healthy” meal before coming to the party or bringing your own “healthy” snacks to the party.

As if anyone is going to do that stuff.

It’s more likely that they are going to eat their “healthy” pre-party meal, forget about their “healthy” party snacks and then pig-out at the party like everyone else.

So, what the heck is a real person supposed to do to help minimize the Christmas Party Pig-Out?

Here are three common-sense tricks that have worked for me in the past….

  1. Be a social butterfly. Talk to everyone at the party…and I mean everyone. If your gums are flapping, you ain’t eating.
  2. Have a low-cal/no-cal drink in your hands at all times. ex. Cranberry juice & soda water. And if anyone tries to hand you an egg nog laced with dark rum, just tell them that you’re the designated driver.
  3. When it’s time to eat, start with a plate of “real food”. If you have a plate full of turkey, ham, vegetables, etc filling up your belly, you are less likely to inhale a plate of Grandma’s Christmas cookies.

But with all that being said, don’t forget to eat at least one of Grandma’s cookies. She’s an old lady and you’ll break her heart if you don’t eat one of them and tell her how great they are.

Just don’t inhale their entire plate.


Merry Christmas everyone.