Do Not Buy the Ab Circle Pro

Once in a blue moon, a piece of fitness equipment comes along that is so lame that I actually smack my forehead while watching the infomercial.

I can’t believe that anyone would be so gullible to actually believe the marketing hype.

But, the commercial doesn’t go away….people are actually buying this thing.

So, today…we’re going to discuss the Ab Circle Pro.

Well, actually, we’re going to watch a video of Little Miss Consumer Reports laying the smack down on the Ab Circle Pro

Too damn funny.

I particularly enjoyed her skewering of the ACP’s “friction free track”

Correct me if I am wrong, but without friction, there is no workout.

I also enjoyed how she pointed out the “Just 3 mins a day” claim was a bunch of B.S.

And the part about a low cal diet and regular exercise being part of the Ab Circle Pro program.

Too damn funny.


But seriously, if you know anyone gullible enough to buy the ACP, please send them a link to this post.



  1. […] skewer the claims made by the people who sell the Ab Circle Pro, with his post that is aptly named Do Not Buy the Ab Circle Pro.Evelyn has some facts about vegetables at Become A Healthier You. I’d share some of the […]

  2. My problem with this and many other ab workout machines is that they are unhealthy from a biomechanical standpoint. Many of these exercises put tremendous amounts of stress and compression on the low back – enough to cause serious injury. It’s too much to explain here but if you’re so inclined, look into the research conducted by Dr. Stuart McGill at the University of Waterloo (he’s a world renowned expert in spine biomechanics). I’ve also summarized much of his work here in a few easy to read posts on exercise and back pain:

  3. […] Doug at Health Habits uses humor and visuals to skewer the claims made by the people who sell the Ab Circle Pro, with his post that is aptly named Do Not Buy the Ab Circle Pro. […]

  4. Awesome! Yeah, I hate the commercials! And who is that annoying lady who promotes it on HSN? OMG! I even hopped on one the other day at a local department store since they had a display out. I have no idea how anyone could do that thing for longer than 30 seconds. It’s just not right.

  5. Nothing is friction free, but there is a work out from this in that is uses gravity not friction for the resistance. I still would not buy one.

  6. Great post. It’s quite clear that the faster you go on this machine, the more momentum you build. This momentum is what actually makes you move from side to side, so I believe, and not your abs.

    For anyone who’s interested, check out this rather scathing review of the Ab Circle Pro:

    It supports practically everything you say.

  7. Didn’t even see what this was when I channel hopped as ad appeared, just the way it was presented was enough to make it look bad: let alone the quick-fix claims and gimmiky area its designed for! This one had cr@p written all over it!

  8. I bought one second hand to try it out lost my love handles in two weeks like promised ,flattened my stomach in 3 weeks lost near 10 kilosin a month and 3 inchs off my waist I have no cellulite left any where sick of people who don’t use it properly or at all dissing it when it works?

  9. Well said Adorei, the ACP is the only exercise that has EVER removed my love handles.
    I love mine and use it in my exercise regime every day.

  10. Although i have lost weight using the ab circle pro i did notice after using it for about 10mins my back aches and i feel as though im straining my muscles in my lower back

  11. ACP fixed my back pain, I tried true back, chiropractor , I tryed a back support belt, they all helped a little .
    I heard stronger tummy muscles might help.
    Today I have no back pain thanks to the ACP, I still wear my support belt at work.
    The acp has stabilized me and I think its straighted my lower back,
    It has firmed up the sides of me and my abs are only a little visible if I dont eat to much junk lol.

  12. I thought the ab circle pro was a load of bullshit and urged my mother not to buy it.
    But she didn’t listen and bought it anyways and in my head I kept saying ‘stupid stupid stupid’ until I hopped on it and gave it a try.
    At first I was confused as to how it worked and accidentally swung myself right off it and to the other side of the room, heh whoops. But once I got the hang of it I was pleasantly surprised.
    I wasn’t ever overweight to begin with but I did have a little belly, I used this thing for 3 minutes a day-every two days because honestly what muscle I had was burning that much I couldn’t move for 10 minutes afterwards, and lost 10kg in around a month and a half and I didn’t get a six pack but I got a toned stomach and a 4 pack when I tensed haha. But, being a teenage girl I don’t exactly want to over do it so I cut my use of it down to just what I needed to maintain a healthy weight. I personally don’t diet, because I find diets 100% useless. If you take the bad stuff out of your diet you will crave it all the time because you know you’re not suppose to have it and if you leave it, the occasional craving is much easier to deal with. The ab circle pro DOES work, but as for the results, every single persons body is different to the next so don’t expect the results that the informercial says will happen to happen straight away because it probably won’t. I also don’t recommend the ab circle be your only form of weight loss. A 30 minute walk twice a day does wonders for your fitness as much as swinging your butt for 3 minutes. But yes, it works and is great for losing weight not rapidly but slowly, and then maintaining healthy weight.
    Also living in the coastal part of Australia, helped me get my beach body back 🙂

  13. I got my ab circle from a friend, lost about 8 pounds, loved it. Something pulled in my back and I couldn’t put my socks on for going on 3 weeks. I was using it 15 min a day.just be careful

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