Starbucks Trenta is a Breakthrough in Human Obesity

Starting May 3, Starbucks is finally getting serious about their commitment to America’s obesity epidemic.

After realizing that their 700 calorie Venti Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha wasn’t enough to push their customers into a higher obesity bracket, Starbucks executives committed an unprecedented amount of time and money into an attempt to create an even larger receptacle for their iced beverages.

And luckily for America’s gastric bypass surgeons, all of that time and money has paid off….with the creation of the new Starbucks Trenta.

  • The Trenta weighs in at a staggering 31 ounces
  • Is unfortunately being made available only for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks
  • Is 7 ounces or 29% larger than the current size champeen – the Venti (24 oz cold / 20 oz hot beverages)
  • Raises the calorie count of the Iced peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from 700 up to 904

Virtually ensuring that Starbucks will finally be able to challenge McDonalds for the title of Biggest Culinary Contribution to Worldwide Obesity.


And just in case you can’t properly imagine what 31 ounces of iced coffee looks like, the fine folks over at the National Post have prepared the following infographic.

The Trenta is just slightly larger than the size of the average adult human stomach.


But have no fear….after 3 or 4 Trentas, your stomach will stretch out to accomodate the increased volume.

Yay again.


NoteSome of you may find it a tad ironic that while writing this post, I have been sitting in a Starbucks drinking a mug of Starbucks coffee (Verona to be exact). To be clear, I love Starbucks coffee. I love the baristas at my local Starbucks (Bloor & Bathurst). I just wish they would stick to making coffee and leave the belly-busting dessert drinks to McDonalds and Dairy Queen.



  1. This is why I rarely drink Starbucks and just enjoy my Keurig machine at home and brew by the nice and easy 8oz glass. On the pro side, when I go to Starbucks I get a plain iced coffee (black) and only put Sweet and Low in it so it has 0 calories no matter what size it is.

  2. Pointing the finger and saying “look at how they are helping make people fat” is a terribly sad misdirection. The obesity problem in America is not the problem of the companies and executives, but of the generally lazy populace. Healthy foods are also available to these same people and the choice belongs to them. Additionally, it’s not strictly the choice of food, but the lack of activity.

    I am actually glad they make one in this size, because now my husband and I can share 1 drink easier and not have to purchase 2 of exactly the same thing while we are out.

  3. I say the advertising is misleading at best, but what the heck. Have your coffee but don’t forget to take care of your bodies. Obese or not, your body needs the proper nutrition and there is only one way to truly get it, and…(wait for it) Here it is:; ID# 200522. Introducing the Miracle Tree to the World and the Company thats taking the world by storm. Health and Wealth… how could anyone ask for more.

    Drinking Life In, Cynthia

  4. Yay for more obesity and early deaths in the planet! Yay for children who will see their parents die before the expected life expectancy! yay for hospital visits ending in tragedy! I wish companies like Starbucks could have some social responsibility. Geez, it seems like everyone is just about profit… makes me sick.

  5. Uhmmmmm…but as stated in the article, the Trenta, “Is unfortunately being made available only for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks.” So…Iced Coffee and Tea have like 5 calories per serving. If you add milk or sugar, it definitely increases the calories, but NOT anywhere near 800!
    I love how you try to pin Starbucks for America’s obesity problem. Last time I was in a Starbucks, baristas were not holding guns to people heads making them drink fatty, sugary drinks.

  6. Re the calories: it could have been over 1000 if I had used whole milk in the calculation instead of 2%

    Re the gun holding: prostitutes and drug dealers don’t force their customers to buy either, but I bet you don’t want anyone setting up a Heroin/Hooker Shop in your neighborhood.

  7. No Tim Hortons Doug? Every time we go back to Canada (where we lived before America) the first thing my parents do is find a tim hortons and go there with their old friends.

    You know the only sad thing about the trenta to me? More wasted calories. I was at a starbucks yesterday, and I see people ordering all the sugary drinks of course, and I’m just thinking to myself why you would waste all those calories on a drink?

    If I was going to take in 1000 calories of crap, I would at-least go eat a pizza! But on a liquid candy bar with some coffee in it? What a waste.

  8. Like was said earlier, this is designed for Iced Coffee and Iced tea which as long as you get them unsweetened have 5 calories or 0 calories… and drinking 30 ounces of unsweetened green tea is in no way bad for you…It is everyone’s personal responsibility. The nutritional information is available for everyone to see so if they choose to consume a iced white mocha with 800 calories or a ice cream shake from Sonic with 1200 calories that is their choice!!

  9. If it’s not served in a cup or a mug, it’s always junk food and tacky culture at its best. Starbucks has been making coffee gaudy for years. It failed miserably in Australia. I’m sure the Viennese and Parisiennes roll their eyes. This isn’t coffee; it’s candy.

  10. You don’t get what I’m saying. Iced coffee is double strength coffee over ice, sugar, and milk. Starbucks is NOT making regular drinks i.e. iced mochas, lattes, or even peppermint white chocolate mochas in the Trenta size. So, again, you could have a trenta sized iced tea or coffee, unsweetened, without milk and you would clock in at 5 calories ;).
    AND…my reasoning to the gun toting Baristas, is that people choose to visit Starbucks. Quit trying to make Starbucks the bad guy. They offer nonfat milk and sugar free options. They even have water…that you can not request in a trenta size cup.

  11. Agreed with Jennifer Ice Tea and coffee are the only things offered in this size so calculating calories in anything other then these is pointless because they won’t exist. I work for Starbucks and drink a Venti unsweetened green tea lemonade which puts me up to 10 calories because of the lemonade.

  12. […] portions and promoting healthier options, Starbucks may have missed the mark on this one. The Health Habits blog seems to agree, and has provided the following information on this supersize […]

  13. You should do a bit more research. This size is only availble for drinks that contain under 230cal. I’m excited about it, being a tea drinker.

  14. This is so misleading it’s borderline retarded.

    First, as mentioned by previous commentors, you disqualified your own statement about the white chocolate mocha just a few sentences after you made it since Starbucks doesn’t offer any of those drinks in the Trenta size.

    Second, most of the Trenta size of a drink is ice, so your comparison to the human stomach is staggeringly off base. Not to mention that 2000-4000ml is a world away from 900ml. The Trenta is not 31 ounces of liquid. It’s 31 ounces, period.

    Please stop writing. It’s your not your thing.

  15. @Kevin

    According to the Starbucks employees (4 diff locations around the country) that I spoke with on Friday, any iced beverage can be Trenta-sized as an off-menu item with an upcharge for the increase in size from Venti to Trenta.

    Starbucks corporate says that it’s up to the discretion of each Starbucks outlet as to whether or not they choose to sell off-menu iced beverages in the Trenta size.

    I hope that clears up any misconception you had about my mental health and/or blogging skillz

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