Chocolate is the Superman of Super Foods

According to a study in this month’s Chemistry Central Journal, not only does chocolate taste amazing, it is one of the most powerful Super Foods on the planet.

More powerful than:

Not that there’s anything wrong with blueberries or cranberries or acai berries or even pomegranate.

Those fruits are super foods in their own right.

They’re just not as super as chocolate…or more specifically cocoa.

Attention chocolate addicts!!!

The Research

The scientists found that when cocoa powder was tested against fruit powders made from blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate and acai berry, cocoa was found to have higher levels of:

  1. Antioxidants  (ORAC (μM TE/g))
  2. Total Polyphenol content  (TP (mg/g))
  3. Total Flavanol content (TF (mg/g))

And it’s not just cocoa powder.

Dark chocolate was also superior to the fruit powder super foods.

Only pomegranate juice was able to stand toe to toe with cocoa powder and dark chocolate in terms of Total Polyphenol content.

So, way to go pomegranate juice….2nd place is nothing to be embarrassed about.


Cocoa powder and/or dark chocolate is incredibly good for you.

However, it should be noted that products made with alkalized cocoa have relatively low ORAC, TP and TF values. So, before you go wolfing down a handful of Snickers bars, you should realize that not all cacao is created equal.

You are looking for non-alkalized cocoa powder or dark chocolate from a reputable company who cares about the nutritional content.


  1. Hearing that chocolate is a super food is never a bad thing! I buy organic dark chocolate bars at a minimum of 85% cocoa. Sometimes I put a dab of organic almond butter on there for more flavor.

  2. hmmmm, this article should really be called ‘coca is the superman of superfoods’. Chocolate is so processed and has added sugar, making the title very misleading.

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