Carbohydrates and Chronic Kidney Disease

Studying data collected from 2600 participants, researchers have found that:

  1. A diet high in “energy-dense, nutrient-poor sources of carbohydrates” results in a significantly increased risk of incident chronic kidney disease.
  2. Conversely, the higher your intake of cereal fiber, the lower your risk of CKD.

So, once again, we have scientific proof that eating a diet of pie, donuts, cake, cookies, pizza, chips, nachos, soda, bread, ice cream, etc…results in your health going down the toilet.

And just in case you have any loved ones who thrive on this sort of  Homer Simpson-esque diet, keep in mind that many people are not diagnosed with CKD until they lave lost much of their kidney function and that there is no cure for CKD.

Untreated, it usually progresses to end-stage renal disease.

Many people are not diagnosed with chronic kidney disease until they have lost much of their kidney function.

There is no cure for chronic kidney disease. Untreated, it usually progresses to end-stage renal disease.




  1. The only treatment for ESRD is a kidney transplant. Dialysis can hold you over ( 3-4 hours 3x per week- not FUN! ) but your health decline until one of 3 things happen : (1) you beg one of your family members to donate a kidney; (2) you receive a kidney from a deceased donor after waiting on a list for 3-4 years with 75,000 other people in front of you; or (3) you die. Stay healthy, protect your kidney function!!

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