Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America

Seeing as most of us don’t watch a lot of Al Jazeera, you might have missed this documentary.

Take a look.



  1. Yeah I think you should change your food look at the Big Mac its over 2,000 cals thats not including the sodium

  2. I agree with Dr. Marcotte comments however I would like to add that people who are lost in a sea of fast food don’t want to be there and need a life line. I created a simple oral restrictive device for myself to help me regulate food intake. I couldn’t do it alone. After 2 years I am inching closer to my goal and to understanding my needs without worrying about relapses. I would like science to take a look at using oral restrictive devices to help people regulate food intake before things get so out of had that the only opion is gastric bypass or death.

  3. Doc, I refuse to take my kids to fast food joints. It is tough though. My oldest son plays travel ball. We are at the ballpark all day with four kids. The only options there are crap, crap, and crap. I make the effort to pack a bag of fresh fruit, nuts, nut butter, chicken whatever which is tough when you consider there are six of us and we will be there for 8 plus hours. It is just so sad to see how people eat and often it is because that is all that is available…especially kids. I can’t tell you how many times one of my son’s teammates has asked me for a banana or some tortellini.

    This is food culture. Athletes drinking cokes and eating hotdogs during a ball game. Most these kids are not overweight, not yet. It is just heartbreaking.

    I’ve said before I am all for making this junk more expensive. Its cost should reflect the societal and long-term costs associated with its consumption…just like cigarettes.

    I also don’t think that these manufactures should be allowed to market to kids. People in America are damned if they are going to let the government tell them what to do, but they sure don’t mind Big Food brainwashing us at ever corner. How do you protect your kids from advertising? It is everywhere. At the grocery store, try to go through check out with four kids that are overwhelmed by shelves of candy. And believe me, it is hard to tell your kids they can’t eat the crap they see other kids eating…even though they know it is “bad” they are just kids.

    I do believe that kids are capable of making good choices when given the info…unfortunately many parents are clueless when it comes to nutrition or just not prepared. They are buying their kids this crap often because it is easier and more convenient.

  4. I’m in total agreement. The Fast Food industry is targeting people who are addicted to fatty food. The obersity epidemic is the outcome of a society that is failing. To be fair however, Fast Food is not the only corporate preditor of our fixation on foods and our bodies. The diet and fitness industry does the same thing. Praying on our fears of being overweight and desires for fitness. Unfortunately legitimate providers of quality products, services and advise are shrowded by the scams and fakes. Big fitness is not much better than Big food. Sorry – the truth sometimes hurts.

    Thanks Doug for an excellent forum – your one of the good guys!

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